July 15, 2020 – Deer Island – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Deer Island in Boston, Massachusetts.  Deer Island is a Peninsula in Boston that is part of the Boston Harbor Islands.  You can drive to the Island after crossing the town of Winthrop.  The Island has a long history, including:  serving as a prison camp for Native Americans during King Philip’s War, and a home to immigrants and refuges during the Irish Potato famine.  The Island has five miles of trails including an almost three mile loop.  It currently is the location for the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, which both treats and recycles waste.  The Island is popular for walking, jogging, biking, and fishing.

We had a misty Adventure to Deer Island.  We arrived at about 8am and I was quite thrilled to find a parking spot as the Island reviews indicated they are often limited.  We began our walk around the main loop an almost three mile paved path.  It was sprinkling, and somewhat misty as we began.  I was surprised to find myself quite impressed with the beauty of the “trail”.  There were many colorful wildflowers, and the waves were quite grand, loud and raging.  Wilma often preferred to walk along the stone/cement wall, my rock loving girl.  There were parts of the path where the waves actually crashed so high they spurted water over us and the path.  I found this little natural feature so fun, although Wilma was not a huge fan of these unexpected showers.

I would guess we were about halfway around the Island when we found a little beach, centered by a breakwater, featuring purple tinted rocks.  We normally would have wandered down the breakwater but there was a fisherman at the end so we decided to give him his space and explore the beach.  I was disappointed to find a lot of litter on the shore, but sadly to be expected on a city beach.  However we did our best to ignore this and appreciate the sand, shells, seaweed, lobster traps, and the water.  Wilma loved sniffing around, and digging and running chaotically.  She sometimes waded into the water, but dramatically bounded back when any type of wave appeared.  A fun little diversion from the “trail”.

We then continued on the path along Boston Harbor.  We soon found a spectacular view of Boston, so impressive.  As we walked further the sky began to slightly clear, with dashes of blue between the clouds.  I could not get enough of this view, and guess it must be one of the best skyline view of Boston.  I took numerous photos of this scene, and dreamed about the zoom lens I wish I owned.  Definitely one of my favorite parts of this walk as I love seeing the Boston skyline.

Throughout our walk the “trail” varied from a small path to opening up, to providing opportunities to walk on the rocks, to scenic vistas – paths off the trail.  There were benches along the way to sit, relax, and enjoy the ocean views.  An interesting aspect to Deer Island was the Treatment Plant which added various structures parallel to the “trail”.  There was only one small part of the path where I noticed an odor, but thankfully that was a short part of our journey.  We were able to view kiosks throughout to learn more about the location and history. Near the end of our walk we found several memorials, including the Irish Memorial, and the Judge A. David Mazzone Memorial.

I was very happy to be surprisingly impressed with Deer Island.  The large waves made my mind think of movies where there is an ocean storm – just something I cannot describe in words but the sounds and the scene were majestic.  The colorful wildflowers, combined with the unique structures of the Plant made for a distinctive experience.  I loved the path too, quite pristine and quiet, I guess a perk of minimal parking.  Although several things made me debate the rating I overall was very pleased with Deer Island, and look forward to returning in the future (Rating:  4).




January 26, 2020 – Stacy Esplanade/The Lucy Brown Davis Pathway – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Stacy Esplanade and the Lucy Brown Davis Pathway in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  I debated blogging this Adventure as I found limited information identifying specific details on these locations.  However, after researching for a bit I discovered we had walked on the Stacy Esplanade and The Lucy Brown Davis Pathway.  The Lucy Brown Davis Pathway commences at Fort Stage Park, and appears to end where the Esplanade begins.  Along the Esplanade you will find landmarks, including:  the Blynman Bridge, the Gloucester Fishermen’s and the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial.  The Esplanade is also part of the extended walk of the Gloucester HarborWalk.

We had a wonderful coastal walk along the Stacy Esplanade and Lucy Brown Davis Pathway.  It was an unusually warm day, the blue sky filled with spectacular clouds.  We enjoyed our walk, the warm sun streaming down upon us.  There were several places where we were able to walk down and explore the beach.  I am guessing the tide must have been out.  The water was gorgeous, the waves small but singing grandly.  Shadow and Wilma enjoyed sniffing and exploring on the beach, while I appreciated the coastal scene.  We visited the statues along the way and imagined how gorgeous the walk would be with the flower beds in bloom.  It felt like a spring day, just perfect.  A simple, but scenic walk today (Rating: 3).



December 22, 2019 – Fort Taber Park – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fort Taber Park in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Fort Taber Park is an oceanfront Park in Clark’s Point which includes a museum, Fort Rodman, a playground and a walking and bicycle path.  On top of the Fort you can find the Clark’s Point Lighthouse.  In the summer months the Park is also popular for swimming, and picnicking.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to Fort Taber Park.  We were quite lucky to get a warm and sunny New England day adding quite the picturesque coastal scene.  Shadow and I had been to Fort Taber Park about three years ago, but only visited briefly as it was the end of the day of a long day of exploring, and dusk was upon us.  I therefore was quite thrilled to more thoroughly explore this area. The Park was quiet with few other guests.  We began following the paved trail around the Fort Rodman, taking the outside loop to ensure a coastal experience.  The sun was shining brightly, just beautiful.  We sauntered around, taking many pictures.  The Fort was tall, and grand, clearly 19th century history.  I attempted to get a photograph of the Lighthouse, but not a simple task being located on the very top of the Fort.  We enjoyed walking around, lots of rolls, and numerous photos per our usual Adventure.

Besides exploring the outer grounds of the Fort itself we enjoyed some time on the beach which had contrasting colors, and ice throughout adding a unique scene.  We then wandered down the lengthy pier, which appeared from afar to bring you to the foot of the Butler Flats Lighthouse.  Wilma was quite curious about all the shells, and smells, the shells appearing to have been dropped onto the pier from birds above.  The sun sparkled off the water, creating a lovely scene.  We spotted some boat from afar, and took or time checking out the view.

We enjoyed every moment of our Adventure at Fort Taber Park taking in the sights, sounds, and smells.  Such a perfect location that combines recreation, history, and coastal splendor.  Definitely a special place in New England.  We look forward to returning again in the future (Rating:  4.5).


Winter 2017 Adventure

New Bedford Fort Taber.jpg

December 14, 2019 -Gloucester Harborwalk – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Gloucester Harborwalk in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  The Harborwalk is a walkway and walking tour along Gloucester’s waterfront and historic district.  The Harborwalk is a 1.2 mile path that has an additional 1.6 miles of an “extended walk”.  It follows 42 granite “Story Posts”, and has an option for “smart phone” informational connections at the marked “postcard” locations.

We had a foggy Adventure to the Gloucester Harborwalk, on an unusually warm December day.  Although we have been to Gloucester numerous times this was the first time we followed the official Harborwalk (and extended walks) throughout the town.  We were pleased to find free parking and began our walk along the waterfront.  I loved seeing the scenic boats, and numerous lobster traps, a genuine coastal experience.  The path followed the water, weaved in and out of various areas, and often followed the main roads, passing local shops, restaurants and landmarks.  It was a bit challenging to stay on track as I continually had to pull out my phone to view the online map, which was not largely detailed.  Throughout our Adventure I enjoyed watching Shadow and Wilma take in the new smells, they almost look like tourists at some points staring off into the water to experience the sounds and sights.  Surprisingly Wilma seemed a bit uneasy at some of the coastal smells, even though we have had many previous coastal Adventures.

My favorite parts included:  the famous Gloucester’s Fisherman Memorial, the coastal sites, walking adjacent to the water, and the holiday decorations throughout the town.  Along our travels we located someone decorating a Christmas tree with buoys, just perfect!  I loved seeing lights on the trees, the holiday wreaths, and other various decorations in sight.  One of my favorite photographs was one of Wilma peering at the statue of Fitz Henry Lane statue, quite humorous.  If I only knew what goes through her curious, little mind.  Overall I did not find the Harborwalk too interesting, but of course we enjoyed a long, often fast-paced walk, and another new Adventure.  Just as I often say “Don’t let the rain stop you”!  (Rating:  3).




July 23, 2019 – Fort Adams and The Bay Walk – Rhode Island

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fort Adams State Park and The Bay Walk in Newport, Rhode Island.  Fort Adams was an active Fort from 1841 into the 20th Century.  It is currently open for private tours, and is the location for many events.  Bay Walk is considered part of Fort Adams State Park, and is a 2.2 mile trail that loops around part of the Fort.  It includes coastal views of the Narragansett Bay, and Newport Harbor.

We had a deja vous kind of Adventure as upon arrival everything looked quite familiar. Thrilled for no entrance, or parking fee, we began our visit viewing the front of the Fort soon becoming disappointed that we could not enter the interior.  We therefore decided to ventured directly to The Bay Walk.  The paved trail followed the perimeter of the Fort, along the Bay before heading inland, past the Eisenhower house, and then through the Harbor.  There were many tents and distractions from the historical scenery however I tried to ignore that and concentrate on the main features.  We saw fisherman along the way, lovely wildflowers, and gorgeous boats scattered throughout the Bay.  There was one part where the trail became unclear, however, I knew where we were from our drive in, so continued on with no mis-direction.

My favorite part of this Adventure was what I believe was considered the “Harbor” packed fully with beautiful sailboats.  It made me dream of a boat Adventure with the pups, sailing away from the hub-bib of life.  The Bay Walk was nothing too intriguing but a unique way to experience a nice, long walk.  Upon my return home I was able to track down photographs of a visit that Shadow, Buster, and I had on a chilly April day back in April 2015 – my deja vous solved!.  I have included some of those photographs at the bottom of the photographs and videos from yesterday.  Love that ALL of my pups experienced in a walk at Fort Adams State Park and The Bay Walk (Rating:  3).




April  2015 Adventure