December 19, 2020 – Nashua River Rail Trail (Groton) – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Nashua River Rail Trail in Groton, Massachusetts. The Nashua River Rail Trail is an approximately eleven mile trail that runs from Nashua, New Hampshire to Ayer, Massachusetts.  As expected it is built on a former railroad.  The Nashua River Rail Trail is popular for biking, horseback riding, walking, fishing, skiing, and roller blading.

We had a snow-filled Adventure to the Nashua River Rail Trail. I was eager to explore this Trail as many years ago Shadow, Buster, and I regularly walked at the Nashua River Rail Trail in Pepperell. We briefly checked out the signs and headed down the Trail. The Trail was layered with deep, but light snow, groomed by fresh ski prints. We trudged through the snow getting a good work out with the depth of the snow. The path was quiet and peaceful, and we only passed several homes on our route. We walked under a bridge, pleasantly surprised to find one side covered with a lovely mural. A beautiful touch to a dull bridge. We enjoyed our walk, and even saw a hawk along the path. There were many cross country skiers and we passed one dog friend, who was also on leash. My favorite parts of the Rail Trail today was appreciating the change in seasons, watching Wilma enjoy the new environment, and the gorgeous sun streaming through the trees onto the snow. Wilma loved sniffing, exploring, and bounding through the snow. A simple Adventure but yet a perfect walk. So glad we could explore a portion of the Groton Rail Trail today (Rating 3.5).

March 15, 2020 – Bates/Blackman Conservation Land – Massachusetts

Today Shadow and I Adventured to the Bates/Blackman Conservation Land in Groton, Massachusetts.  The property is 47 acres and is owned by the Groton Conservation Trust.  It includes several brooks, fields, and a steep climb up Indian Hill where you will find panoramic views.

We had an aerobic Adventure to the Bates/Blackman Conservation Land.  I decided to take Shadow on a solo Adventure today, as the unexpected situations of off-leash dogs can be challenging for Wilma.  I generally bring them both on every adventure, but since I will be working from home for the next three weeks I felt today was a good day for a solo Shadow Adventure.  And reducing my guilt a bit Wilma enjoyed at least six hours outside sunning, chasing squirrels, and enjoying the sounds and smells of nature.  On to today’s Adventure…

We arrived at the parking lot for the Bates/Blackman Conservation Land carefully, attempting to avoid the holes and frozen mud, relieved to  find a safe spot.  We started across a bridge, past one home, a field, into the woods, and to another brook.  Shadow was quite happy to find the water, and enjoyed drinking and wading.  We found some simple, but uniquely colored bridges, which as you may expect I quite appreciated.  The landscape was brown, but I challenged myself to find unique features, varied textures, and the few colors in sight.

After Shadow finished enjoying the water we headed up the reported 180 feet to the top of Indian Hill.  I was not expecting this vigorous workout but was pleased to get the pulse pumping.  Off to the right there were views of mountains from afar, and scenes from the local town, I am sure quite lovely in the colors of fall.  After reaching the top we ascended down a grass trail,  almost appearing to be on the edge of someone’s yard.  However clearly on the path we continued on the trail until we reached the official end of the 1.8 mile round-trip hike.  Once confirming this information we returned back, Shadow taking the lead.  I am always thrilled when Shadow can run off leash.  He is so well behaved, and definitely enjoys his independence.  A wonderful outing with my boy Shadow (Rating:  3, Memories:  Just right!).