January 22, 2023 – High Rock Park, Tower and Observatory – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the High Rock Park, Tower and Observatory in Lynn, Massachusetts. I had been curious about this Tower for some time, so today was the day. The Tower is approximately 85 feet tall and provides views of Boston, Nahant, Swampscott, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is found in a seven-acre city park. On occasion the Tower is open to the public, and visitors can view the Tower’s telescope.

We had a quick Adventure to High Rock Park, Tower and Observatory. I decided to take a familiar walk nearby before heading to the Tower. Today was another dark and dreary New England day, no sun to be seen. Upon driving up the hill to the Tower, I was impressed, quite lovely. We walked around this small Park checking out various views of the Tower and out over the nearby cities. The Park was quiet, with just several visitors nearby. There were a couple large rocks, but really not much to see besides the outdoor view of the Tower. I actually had checked with the town about the Tower being open, and they reported it would resume when the weather was a little warmer…although I neglected to ask about dog visitors – oops. So glad we could check out this unique Tower today (This blog will not be rated).

December 4, 2022 – Saulnier Memorial Bike Trail – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Saulnier Memorial Bike Trail in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Saulnier Memorial Bike Trail is a 3.5 paved path that passes through the South Peninsula of New Bedford, provides views of Clark Cove, New Bedford Harbor, and Buzzards Bay, and passes landmarks including: Fort Taber Park, West Beach, East Beach, and Fort Taber Park.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Saulnier Memorial Bike Trail. Although not the cleanest city, I have grown to love the walking opportunities and landmarks in this unique town. I was planning on beginning in Hazelwood Park but after seeing signs indicating “no dogs” we decided to park at Fort Taber Park. The map I located online was a little confusing but we traversed the majority of this Trail.

Throughout our walk I especially enjoyed the gorgeous Fort Rodman, coastal views, and lots of little details including colorful benches, endless shells, and endless breakwaters. The sun was shining brightly, just right for this early winter day. Both Wilma and Gus enjoyed exploring and walking high above the path. It was a lovely day for an outing with my two best buds (Rating: 4).

November 26, 2022 – The Scallop Shells of Plymouth, MA

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the beautiful town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. We spent three hours walking this lovely coastal town. Plymouth is a coastal town in southern Massachusetts. It is famous for the history of being the first Pilgrim settlement in 1620. Since I have blogged about Plymouth before, yet still was inspired to share I thought I would blog about the Public Art Display of the Scallop Shells. These works of art are displayed throughout the waterfront and downtown Plymouth. They have been created from fiberglass and crafted from local artists.

We had a refreshing Adventure to Plymouth. It has been soo long since we had a “normal” Adventure, or even a local walk as I was fighting Bronchitis and some additional symptoms for over a month. I finally feel better with just a cough here and there so off we went. I absolutely love walking in Plymouth, including: the coastal scenery, a river walk with tunnel art, the grist mill, a pond with a bridge and ducks, shops and restaurants decorated for the season, and many historical landmarks. We spent three hours walking, posing, and working on our favorite holiday Christmas card. It was a beautiful New England day, the sun shining brightly. My plan was to print a map of the shells, but I forgot! Although I could have pulled it up on my phone that can be a little cumbersome to view while walking two energetic dogs. So, I photographed the shells we located, and just enjoyed the day. Wilma and Gus loved walking, savoring endless sea smells, and of course some Wilma rolls. Really just what we needed! So glad we can share the Scallop Shells of Plymouth today (this blog will not be rated).

July 22, 2022 – Mary Cummings Park – Massachusetts

Today Gus and I Adventured to Mary Cummings Park in Burlington and Woburn, Massachusetts. Mary Cummings Park is a 200 acre park of the Trustees, formerly a farm and estate.

We had a warm adventure to Mary Cummings Park. I felt guilty leaving Wilma but I knew she would not appreciate a warm day, creating a good opportunity for Gus to practice an independent walk. We parked on Blanchard Road at the main parking lot and off we went. We checked out the red, blue, and yellow trail along with portions of other trails throughout the route. These trails were all short but due to the warm day we took a cool car break about halfway through and took several breaks for Gus to rest and drink some water. My favorite part of this Park was the varying terrain from the woods, fields, boardwalk to the paths through the archway of vines. I also loved the gorgeous wildflowers scattered throughout. Due to the park being Trustees the trails were reasonably marked which I appreciated. I was proud of Gus as he did not seem stressed, which surprised me as he relies on Wilma for comfort…he has matured much since last summer! We saw few other visitors, and no other dogs on our walk today. So glad we could visit Mary Cummings Park today. (Rating: 4).

PS – We made sure to buy Wilma some ice cream on the way home!

July 16, 2022 – Bruce Freeman Trail (West Concord) – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus and I Adventured to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in West Concord, Massachusetts.  The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a twenty five mile Trail that includes the towns of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Framingham, and Sudbury.  The Trail is 10 feet in width and is popular for:  biking, skiing, walking, jogging, and rollerblading.

We had an early morning Adventure to the West Concord section of the Bruce Freeman Trail. I was eager to explore yet another section of this local rail trail. Although I never found the formal parking for this section, we found a location to park and off we went. We began this section of the trail at a lovely garden and spent about an hour and a half walking. Along the trail we found wildflowers, marsh views, and lots of birds a chirping. The trail was near the road in some locations but overall quiet. We saw a couple dog walkers, bikers, and some walkers, but there were not too many on this trail. I appreciated that this location of the trail did not near too many homes. The pups loved eating grass (haha) and chasing squirrels and chipmunks along the way. A nice simple, local walk to start our day today (Rating: This blog will not be rated).

June 11 & 12, 2022 – Hopkington State Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus and I adventured to Hopkington State Park, while last night Gus and I visited for a kayak ride. Hopkington State Park is a Park located in Hopkington, Massachusetts.  It is located on the Hopkington Reservoir, no longer a water source.  The Park encompasses 1500 acres of forest and is a popular area for boating, swimming, and hiking.  There is a fee to enter the Park in-season but Massachusetts State Park passes are also accepted.

We had a lovely Adventure to Hopkington State Park. I was surprised to realize I had only blogged about Hopkington State Park as a “Throwback Adventure” (https://adventuresofshadowandwilma.com/2019/10/10/throwback-adventure-hopkington-state-park-massachusetts) so thought this weekend was the perfect time for this blog. The first part of our Adventures occurred last night when Gus and I headed out for a kayak ride on the Reservoir. I was thrilled to recently learn about a launch area outside of the park, so we headed there to begin our journey. Although Gus gets a little nervous boarding the kayak he is beyond relaxed once on board. We paddled around the Reservoir, so peaceful. The Reservoir was three islands, two of which are especially scenic and walkable. However on this journey I decided not to get off on the islands. Gus actually enjoyed a nap much of the ride, just a wonderful adventure. Hopkington State Park is probably my favorite place to kayak.

We continued our Adventure to Hopkington State Park today, both Wilma and Gus enjoying the trails, sips of the Reservoir, and a scenic walk across the dam. The Park is filled with rocks, trails, and endless locations to take a swim, some of everything for those nature lovers. Such a lovely time at Hopkington State Park this weekend (Rating: 4).

May 26, 2022 – Nut Island – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Nut Island in Quincy, Massachusetts. Nut Island is a former island, now connected by a causeway. It has a less then one mile loop with various side trails throughout. Nut Island is popular for walking and fishing, and offers scenic views of Boston.

We had a coastal Adventure to Nut Island. I was excited to visit Nut Island, a place I have been curious about for some time. We arrived to find the street closed off for construction, so after some circling around I decided to park in the nearby neighborhood. I was pleased to find this plan worked, and after a short walk we arrived at Nut Island. We were immediately greeted by a refreshing ocean breeze, gorgeous Rugosa’s, and lovely water views. I was surprised to find few other visitors, with the majority of those we saw were walking their dogs on leash. We explored every spot and trail we could find, enjoying a change of pace from the “normal” week. Wilma and Gus loved the new smells, and Wilma did not miss a moment for a roll. There was a moment or two of a swamp-like smell, but overall it was a refreshing and peaceful Adventure. So glad we could visit Nut Island today (Rating: 3.5)

April 20, 2022 – Decordova Sculpture Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the DeCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts. This was the first time Gus has been to the Park, although Wilma and I has been there previously. The DeCordova Sculpture Park encompasses nearly 30 acres including: landscaped lawn, gardens, and forests. It is on the edge of Flint’s Pond, and contains up to 60 sculptures at a time. The collection includes art by significant twentieth and twenty-first-century artists. DeCordova also has an indoor museum, gift shop, and cafe.

We had a wonderful Adventure to the Decordova Sculpture Park. Although I have blogged about it before it was over three years ago, so thought I would share about this unique and artistic location today. This was our first adventure since our terrifying day with Gus. Although I was quite nervous to head out again the pups were adorning their new equipment and GPS’ so it was time. I guess I should re-frame that and say time for ME to face my anxiety and get back to the things we love! The Park was clearly undergoing some construction and did not have as many sculptures as I recall in past visits. However I loved checking out the sculptures and finding every piece of color around. Gus was especially thrilled with some new sticks, and Wilma enjoyed her cheerful grassy rolls. We spent about two hours exploring, including the connecting conservation trails. The sun was shining and the weather perfect for some walking. It was so nice to be out again, although it will take me some time to feel back to my “normal” self. However, a fun day at the Decordova Sculpture Park today (this blog will not be rated).

August 18, 2021 – DAR State Forest – Massachusetts

Today Gus and I Adventured to the DAR State Forest in Goshen, Massachusetts. The Park contains the Upper and Lower Highland Lakes. DAR State Forest is popular for camping, swimming, fishing, and hiking. The state Forest has approximately 1700 acres, and is run by the Department of Conservation.

We had a family-filled Adventure to the DAR State Forest. Today Wilma was lounging at Grandma and Grandpa’s spa so just Gus attended this Adventure. I was excited to visit the DAR State Forest as our family regularly camps here in summers and I could tell it was a wonderful location. On our visit we enjoyed kayaking, exploring the trails, wandering the Forest, and spending time with our amazing family. It was so relaxing and peaceful. The day gave me flashbacks of camping as a kid. Gus loved hiking and kayaking, but did vocalize some nervousness as we hung out at the campsite. He is much more confident with his big sister by his side. It was so nice to catch up with our family and to finally adventure to this spectacular Forest. So glad we could visit DAR State Forest today (Rating: 4).

August 1, 2021 – Go Out Doors – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I adventured to “Go Out Doors” in Lexington, Massachusetts. “Go Out Doors” is a project sponsored by the Lexington Council for the Arts. “Go Out Doors” is a public art campaign where local artists paint recycled doors, and four additional doors have been painted by high school students. The goal of the project is to promote healthy activity, and appreciating the outdoors. The doors have been installed on the Minuteman Bikeway near the common, and on greenery to the right of Lexington High School.

We had an art-filled adventure to “Go Out Doors”. We have actually seen this unique display numerous times but thought it would be a fun thing to blog about so today was the day. We enjoyed our walk around town and on the Minuteman Bikeway this morning, making sure to stop and view each door. You will see many of these doors in my photographs below, although I found the lighting made it a bit difficult to capture. I enjoy the “Go Out Doors” project as it adds a fun touch to a “normal” walk. Each door is beautiful, and unique, many bright colors and lovely artwork. Along our walk Wilma made sure to appreciate some rolls, Gus loved finding sticks, and I attempted endless poses, although realized I need to add some bribery next time (haha). Lexington is a great little town, filled with history, restaurants, shops, and the Minuteman Bikeway going right through the center of town. I would encourage you to check out “Go Out Doors” if you are in the area, a fun and colorful “campaign”. Glad to blog about “Go Out Doors” today (This blog will not be rated).