May 26, 2022 – Nut Island – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Nut Island in Quincy, Massachusetts. Nut Island is a former island, now connected by a causeway. It has a less then one mile loop with various side trails throughout. Nut Island is popular for walking and fishing, and offers scenic views of Boston.

We had a coastal Adventure to Nut Island. I was excited to visit Nut Island, a place I have been curious about for some time. We arrived to find the street closed off for construction, so after some circling around I decided to park in the nearby neighborhood. I was pleased to find this plan worked, and after a short walk we arrived at Nut Island. We were immediately greeted by a refreshing ocean breeze, gorgeous Rugosa’s, and lovely water views. I was surprised to find few other visitors, with the majority of those we saw were walking their dogs on leash. We explored every spot and trail we could find, enjoying a change of pace from the “normal” week. Wilma and Gus loved the new smells, and Wilma did not miss a moment for a roll. There was a moment or two of a swamp-like smell, but overall it was a refreshing and peaceful Adventure. So glad we could visit Nut Island today (Rating: 3.5)

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