February 20, 21, and 22, 2023 – The Beaches of Nantucket – Massachusetts

This week Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to Nantucket where we spent much of our time exploring various beaches. The Beaches of Nantucket vary based on the location providing differing surf, temperature, and terrain. We were lucky to stay right near Siasconset Beach, which we spent endless hours exploring. In addition to Siasconset Beach we visited: Fisherman’s Beach, Jetties Beach, Brant Point Beach (you will see those photos in my Brant Point Lighthouse blog), and Pocomo Beach.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the beaches of Nantucket. Wilma, Gus, and I spent 1.25-2 hours each morning walking along Siasconet Beach, and also visited this beach later in the day with My Mom. The waves were often crashing loudly and quite spectacular, although it became much calmer on our last day when the sun decided to arise. We found many scallop shells, horseshoe crabs and crab shells. On Jetties Beach we found picturesque trails through the seagrass which arrived at the Beach, and a very long jetty. The water was calm and a lovely tropical-like color many slipper shells scattered throughout the sand. Fisherman’s Beach we entered through a short stair boardwalk down to the beach. My favorite part of this beach was the Moon Snail Shells, I found many, although mostly slightly cracked on their journey to the shore. We found Pocomo Beach when the tide was in, providing a very small beach front. It was foggy on our visit, creating quite the mystic scene.

My favorite parts of the beaches were looking for shells, and other treasures from the sea. Wilma and Gus loved digging, and Gus picked up and tossed whatever he could find. The pups even found a couple tennis balls, which was quite exciting. I was especially thrilled to have one day where we could appreciate the sunrise, and the warmth of the sun. It was just lovely and ended our journey with a gorgeous scene. So glad we could visit many beaches in Nantucket on our trip to the Island this week (Rating: 4).

December 30, 2020 – White Crest Beach – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to White Crest Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod. White Crest Beach is known for the large sand dunes, and rough waters making it a popular beach for surfers. The beach is long and wide and is reportedly less crowded then other locations in Cape Cod. The beach is not handicap accessible.

We had a sun-rising Adventure to White Crest Beach. We arrived at about 7am to find only one other car in the parking lot and not a sole in sight. The beach was instantly gorgeous, the sun-rising, and the views spectacular. We began our trek down the gigantic sand dune to the beach below, quite a fantastic entrance. We headed straight to the water and checked on the views down the beach. The sand dunes framed the beach adding quite the grandeur. We began our walk along the water and at various times also headed toward the dune to check out the sight (and smells – haha). The waves were crashing, it was so serene, a peaceful oasis. We spent about two hours walking and exploring. We found a couple of tidal pools, and lots of perfectly rounded rocks. Wilma enjoyed walking, some frantic digging, and literally ran circle around me! She was a little uneasy with the loud crashing sound of the waves but was curious to explore the tidal pools. The sky was spectacular and everything about the beach was beyond perfect. White Crest Beach might now be my favorite Massachusetts Beach…so far. We look forward to returning in the future (Rating: 5).

Throwback Adventure – Edwards Harborside – Maine

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In April 2015 Shadow, Buster, and I adventured to Edwards Harborside in York, Maine. In researching Edwards Harborside to create this blog I learned that it is a marina with several beach areas. However I was unclear on the exact title of the beach which was in front of the Edwards Harborside Inn, therefore not officially the Edwards Harborside Beach as I expected.  Even without this official title I still decided to blog about this location, possibly a less known area for travelers.

We had a beach-filled Adventure to Edwards Harborside, one of our many stops that day. It was a sunny spring April day.  I believe we found this location accidentally, parking after finding a sign for “Edwards Harborside”.  The beach we found nearby was small and quiet.  Shadow and Buster were energized by the beach, digging, wrestling, and romping!  They always made me smile on our beach trips, as on on this Adventure to Edwards Harborside. We explored the entire beach, walking in the water, and checking out the rocky areas. Definitely a fun day of memories at Edward Harborside (Throwback blogs will not always be rated).