February 21, 2021 – Moore State Park – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Moore State Park in Paxton, Massachusetts.  Moore State Park is approximately 400 acres, and was a former home to grist and saw mills.  Portions of the park are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It has a pond, trails, and various “Mill Village Features” on the grounds.

We had a snow-filled Adventure to Moore State Park. I first discovered this park with Buster and Shadow, visited once with Wilma and Shadow and this past Fall rediscovered it with Wilma. Since our initial blog was close to three years ago I thought it would be a good time to blog about it again, including photographs from various visits and seasons. I really have grown to love Moore State Park. The scenery is beautiful, including: fields of wildflowers, waterfalls, a pond, a scenic old mill, and an array of trails. Currently the covered bridge is under construction, which usually frames another small waterfall. I have always found the dog owners to be responsible at Moore State Park so that all dogs can appreciate this special location. We have enjoyed the trails, and the scenery in all seasons. I even took some of Wilma’s Christmas photos there this year. Below you will see a collage of photographs from our various visits including many from our snowy hike today. We look forward to many more visits at Moore State Park (Rating: 4).

Weekly Video/Photo

I have decided to return to the “normal” Weekly Video/Photo section of my blog.  As you likely know we lost Shadow about two months ago and I have been focusing this section on Shadow.  However, I have peace knowing I will continue to highlight favorite photographs including Shadow and Buster.  The plan will still be to still display a video or photo, usually highlighting an Adventure, while I might also sneak in some that are humorous, adorable, or just other fun dog moments.

If you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that I adopted Shadow as a puppy, and about a year later adopted Buster as a puppy.  We had many wonderful years together before experiencing the devastating loss of Buster at just seven.  It took a long time for our hearts to heal, but almost a year later we welcomed little Wilma into our world.  We were recently devastated to loose Shadow on April 3, 2020.  It is so painful to know Shadow and Buster are both gone, but they will be in our hearts forever!

Today’s Weekly Video/Photo is a snapshot of Wilma from Moore State Park this weekend. Since I have blogged about Moore State Park previously I did not blog about this Park again this weekend. Moore State Park really is beautiful. I have always found the fellow dog owners to be quite responsible, a change from what I have noticed at many other locations. Although the Park is under some construction, it still has many gorgeous trails and landmarks. On this visit we especially appreciated the trails through the fields and flowers, absolutely spectacular. So I definitely did not resist capturing a pose of sweet Wilma. If you want to read more about my blog on Moore State Park you can click on this direct link: https://adventuresofshadowandwilma.com/?s=moore+state+park.

Here she is: