July 29, 2019 – Rock of Ages Quarry – Vermont

Today Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Rock of Ages Quarry in Graniteville, Vermont.  Rock of Ages is the deepest Quarry in the world, and has been around since 1885.  It is currently a working Quarry.  Rock of Ages has a gift shop, and offers tours including a drive to the Quarry overlook and an information video.  The cost of the official tour is $6 per person.

We had a unique Adventure to the Rock of Ages Quarry.  I am always excited to find an Adventure that is one that you would not expect to be dog-friendly.  I had contacted the Quarry before our visit to ensure dogs were on the guest list.  Except for not permitting dogs in the official tour van, the site was incredibly dog-friendly.  We began our Adventure purchasing tickets to the tour, immediately discovering the gift shop, warehouse, and all buildings were also welcoming of dogs.  I was quite impressed with these details, adding an increased bounce to my step!

We decided to first explore the warehouse, walking down the hall and watching the hard-working employees actively designing granite materials.  I did not expect Shadow or Wilma to be concerned with this experience, and was pleased that my expectations were accurate.  We walked down the hall, both Shadow and Wilma appearing quite curious of their new environment.  The warehouse was gigantic, and had little windows below where the pups could peer through to check-out the scene.  It was an unusual, and fun experience being a witness to this eccentric work.

From there we headed on the Quarry tour.  We followed the official van by car so Shadow and Wilma could join us.  The drive was only about five minutes before we arrived at the Quarry look-out.  There was a high-fence ensuring no accidental slips.  The Quarry was absolutely gorgeous, misty green in some spots.  Our tour-guide taught us about this special Quarry, showed samples, and answered visitors’ questions.  Shadow was not thrilled at the warm afternoon so we soon found a shady spot to get some water, while continuing to listen to the presentation.  It was amazing to see the granite Quarry from high above.  I had high expectations from my research online, and the site definitely did not disappoint.

Our last stop was to explore the grounds, including:  memorial stones, the granite bowling lane, and to search through granite samples to find the perfect souvenir.  Wilma was especially excited to see large bowling balls being rolled down the lane, her sweet little tail wagging joyously .  She enjoyed meeting all the other tourists, savoring all of the attention.  We did not stay too long as Shadow appeared eager for the next swim.  So glad we could explore the spectacular Rock of Ages Granite Quarry today (Rating:  4).