February 28, 2021 – Bicentennial Trail and Boardwalk

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the Bicentennial Trail and Boardwalk in Fall River, Massachusetts. Bicentennial Trail is a 2.2 mile back and out trail that runs along the Taunton River. The path is a paved trail and a boardwalk. The views from the Trail include the Braga Bridge, The Mount Hope Bridge, and the Bordon Flats Lighthouse. The Trail starts at the Fall River Heritage State Park and ends at Bicentennial Park, a memorial to Veteran’s of the Vietnam War.

We had a relaxing Adventure to the Bicentennial Trail and Boardwalk. Although we have been on this trail previously I have never blogged about it specifically, until today. We began our walk at Fall River Heritage State Park, the location of Battle Cove. This section of the Trail was definitely my favorite. The Battle ships are spectacular, the bright blue Braga Bridge adds a beautiful color and reflection and the Bordon Lighthouse is quite unique. The first part of the Trail is a Boardwalk, later becoming a paved Trail before ending at the Memorial.

We enjoyed trotting along the Trail, paralleling along the River. Wilma loved peering through the rails, walking on any raised barrier, and the smells of Fall River. I definitely enjoyed a walk on the River, however was unimpressed with the trash, and excessive goose poop on parts of the Trail. However we loved walking in new surroundings and met some friendly people along the way. Definitely a nice way to start our day of Adventures and walks (Rating: 3).

PS – I snuck some photographs of our first visit with Shadow and Wilma.

February 22, 2020 – Fall River Heritage State Park – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fall River Heritage State Park in Fall River, Massachusetts.  Fall River Heritage State Park is a historic public park that is located along the Taunton River.  The Park includes:  a large carousel, a visitor center, a boardwalk, and views of the battleships of Battleship Cove – America’s Fleet Museum.  Fall River Heritage State Park is popular for sailing, walking, educational programs, and summer activities.

We had a scenic Adventure to the Fall River Heritage State Park.  Upon arrival, I was immediately awed by the World War II battleships docked at neighboring Battleship Cove.  They were gigantic, and absolutely fascinating.  We immediately wandered toward these ships, but did not enter the actual Battleship Cove, unlikely to be dog friendly.  We explored the minimal grounds finding several propellers, a 9-1-1 Memorial, and various other artifacts.

After wandering around the Battleship Cove grounds we headed toward the Visitor Center.  I almost neglected to locate the carousel as we passed by, closed for the season.  Our entrance began as we traversed a wooden bridge leading us to the doorsteps of the Visitor Center.  We headed up to and around the Center, making sure not to miss sight of the River.  Over to the left were the ships and the impressive Baga Bridge, while to the right the boardwalk resumed.  Our journey continued down the boardwalk, parallel to the River.  Along this boardwalk we passed a small park with benches, and what appeared to be a building for sailing ventures.  We spent about two hours in the Park mostly walking along the boardwalk, while also stopping to take photographs and explore various sites.  Throughout the Park we located small kiosks identifying our location, which eventually ended, leading me to the conclusion that we ventured far past the Park’s border.  We walked and walked until we arrived at a World War II Memorial.  We visited the various statues, and memorials before heading back to the Park.

Throughout our visit to the Heritage River State Park I especially was drawn to the spectacular Battleships, and the scenic boardwalk along the River.  The Park unfortunately was quite dirty, and was scattered with geese poop.  However, we did our best to avoid these unpleasantries, and enjoyed our brisk walk.  As per our usual Adventure, it was filled with cheerful rolls, lots of posing, and enthusiasm for a new Adventure.  I worked on some training with Wilma during today’s Adventure, and was quite proud of her work, a wonderful role model by her side.  It was nice to see the sun out, and a slight increase in temperature for our New England Winter.  Definitely glad we could explore the Fall River Heritage Park today (Rating:  3).