February 17, 2021 – Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Martha’s Vineyard, an Island of Massachusetts. It is compromised of six different towns that encompass over 100 square miles. Martha’s Vineyard can be reached by boat or air, and is especially a popular location in the summer. It is known for the beaches, walking, hiking, biking, shops and restaurants.

We had a wonderful Adventure to Martha’s Vineyard. We woke up long before dawn, and drove to the ferry where Wilma experienced her first boat ride, well technically. I actually decided to bring my car on the ferry to make sure we had an expansive experience on the Island, and so glad I did!

Our stops today included: the East Chop Lighthouse, Lobsterville Beach, the Gay Head Lighthouse, the Aquinnah Cliffs, Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, Dutcher Dock, Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, and Doug’s Cove a short trail of Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission. We had so much fun scouting out the new scenery, and walking, even finding some unexpected trails adding distinctive and gorgeous terrain to our day. Wilma loved exploring, digging, rolling, and posing. So glad that we found a sunny day this week to make this Adventure especially perfect! I will put a collage of photos below. In addition I will be writing a blog for each lighthouse so they will be logged in the official Lighthouse section (although you will see some of my favorites below.). A beautiful day with the little lady…well worth our exhaustion! (This blog will not be rated).

August 10, 2020 – Eastern Point Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  The Eastern Point Lighthouse was built in the 1880s and is currently an active lighthouse.  On the property you will also find:  the oil house, radio beacon, fog horn building, and Dog Bar Breakwater.  Access inside the fence is forbidden, however there are good views of the light station from the exterior.  There is a $10 parking fee for parking.

We had a tranquil Adventure to the Eastern Point Lighthouse.  We began our day with a long walk in Gloucester before heading over to Eastern Point Lighthouse.  I have been interested in the Eastern Point Lighthouse for some time, and finally did some more extensive research which indicated that attendance is permitted.  Upon arrival we found ourselves the only car in the parking lot, with two walkers just exiting.  We immediately walked over to the rocky shore filled with colorful seaweed and the harbor scattered with bobbing boats.  It was beautiful!  We took our time appreciating the peace and beauty of our surroundings.

From there we wandered over to the breakwater.  It did not seem as though we could get to there from the beach at first, but I soon realized that was the pathway.  We viewed the Lighthouse from different angles as we headed over to the breakwater.  The breakwater was very long, and provided easy footing, although not something I would recommend for those unsteady on their feet.  We walked along and I continually peered back to see various viewpoints of the Lighthouse.  The sun was quite shiny for photographs but I still snapped away.  As we got further we noticed the breakwater was clearly owned by the seagulls but to be expected at a quiet coastal oasis.  It was funny to hear them warning their peers of the deer-like creature heading onto their grounds.  Wilma was eager to stare them down and loved all the new smells from the sea.  At the end we found what I believe is the structure for the electric fog signal, almost a little lighthouse.  A fun little aspect on the breakwater.

We then returned down the breakwater appreciating the ocean, boats, and view of the lighthouse from afar.  Such a lovely location!  And of course we ended the Adventure with some fun on the beach.  Wilma enjoyed some digging, and attempted running energized by the coast.  She rubbed her adorable face in the seaweed and waded in the water, continually sticking her nose in, quite entertaining to watch.  I am glad Wilma finally recognizes that water can provide a cooling effect.  Such a spectacular Adventure to the Eastern Point Lighthouse (Rating:  4.5).