April 28, 2019 – Schooner Head Overlook – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to Schooner Neck Point in Mount Desert Island Maine.  Schooner Neck Point is not technically part of Acadia National Park.  It provides views to the East and of the Frenchman Bay.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Schooner Neck on a sunny afternoon.  I was exhilarated to arrive at the parking lot and find no cars, maybe a hidden spot??  We got out of the car and immediately saw a lovely water view from afar, a trail to our right.  Unknown as to where the trail would lead we sauntered along the path weaving down and around in and in and out of the trees.  It did not take us long to arrive at a spectacular view from the rocks.  The beautiful color of the sea, rocks, and crashing waves at yet another wonderful oasis.  We checked out the view and walked for a bit finding a quiet spot in the grass to relax.  Shadow took a true nap while Wilma chewed on anything she could find.  It was so nice to find ourselves alone in nature, with a grassy spot to sit, isolated from the world.  Just what we needed as we took some time to treasure our amazing day in Mount Desert Island (Rating:  3).

April 27, 2019 – Seawall – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Natural Seawall in the Southwest Harbor of Acadia National Park.  The Natural Seawall is a natural piece of granite and loose boulder rock.  There are views of Cranberry Island from this Seawall.

We had a gorgeous visit to the Natural Seawall on our last stop of the day.  I was ecstatic to see the sky FINALLY turn blue near the end of our visit.  We walked along this lovely rocky area until arriving at the large granite rock.  We stumbled through the small rocks before landing on the Seawall.  The waves were crashing against the rock creating a wonderful site, and a sound of peace.  We stayed for awhile on the rock enjoying the song of the sea.  It was such a pleasant surprise to see the sky turn blue, literally before our eyes, causing much anticipation for future Adventures.  The only disappointment of this location was that the Seawall was located right along the main road.  However we were so pleased to visit the Seawall today, a beautiful spot (Rating:  4).