July 13, 2018 – New Hampshire – Smith Covered Bridge

Yesterday we visited the Smith Covered Bridge in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  This is a bridge we have been to several times before.  The Smith Bridge was built in 1850, but was destroyed by fire in 1993, and later rebuilt as a covered bridge.  It is a long truss bridge with added arches, and crosses the Baker River.

We had a nice visit to the Smith Covered Bridge.  The Bridge has a beach like area below, along the Baker River.  This allowed for some Shadow swimming, which is always great on a warm summer day.  Wilma mostly enjoyed chasing butterflies, which I find quite entertaining.  The water was not rushing, but we did see people arriving with inner tubes, likely for some River fun.  We walked around for a bit, and then sauntered across the bridge.  The bridge has a hallway-like area on one side, allowing pedestrian crossing.  I definitely appreciate this feature in a covered bridge, as I do not enjoy dodging cars.  Not a lot of color, or any landscaped features, but I still relished taking some photographs before we headed off to our next destination (Rating:  3).


July 13, 2018


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