February 18, 2019 – Two Lights State Park – Maine

I apologize as I am slightly behind with my blogging over the last couple days, but am slowly catching up!!  On February 18, 2019 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Two Lights State Park is a 41 acre Park that provides stunning coastal views of the Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  Unlike the name suggests there are no lighthouses directly in the Park, however the Park obtained its name from the nearby “twin” Lighthouses.  Two Light State Park is well known for the spectacular rocky shores, and is popular for picnicking and strolls along the shoreline trails.

We have enjoyed three separate Adventures to the Two Lights State Park.  Two Lights State Park has a special place in our hearts as it was the first stop my Mom and I made when we began our outdoor getaways with the dogs.  Our first visit occurred with Buster and Shadow on a very rainy September day.  However we still carried on, getting soaked along the way.  We took our first selfie EVER, the beginning of a new tradition which would capture memories, and landmarks throughout our future journeys.   On this visit I remember especially enjoying the shoreline trail, the rocky shores, beautiful flowers, and of course the overall experience and memories made.

On February 18, 2019 we had our third Adventure to Two Lights State Park on a super-cold day.  We debated a visit due to the frigid weather but were eager to check out the location in the snow.  It was lovely walking around in the snow, on as we viewed the coastal scenes.  I slipped several times, but officially managed to stay on my feet.  We especially enjoyed some snow covered steps along the trails, and the snow covered rocky shores.  This was our second visit during the month of February with Shadow and Wilma, however the first in the snow.  Definitely an appealing oceanfront Adventure to the Two Lights State Park (Rating:  4).






February 17, 2019 – Wiggly Bridge – Maine

I apologize as I am slightly behind with my blogging over the last couple days, but am slowly catching up!!  On February 17, 2019 we Adventured to the Wiggly Bridge in York, Maine.  The Wiggly Bridge is a suspended bridge, that as titled, wiggles” as you walk across.  It was built in the 1930s and stretches over the tidal pool that flows from Barrell Mill Pond to the York River.  It is known as the smallest suspension bridge in the world, just seventy five feet in length.

Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I had a fun Adventure to the Wiggly Bridge, one of our many stops on our two day Maine getaway.  (most of which I’ve already blogged about but some new Adventures too).  This was at least the third time we have visited, although it was the first time for my Mom.  Our stroll to the Bridge started on a short man-made causeway that leads you to this landmark.  The sun was shining along the water, sparkling from the glare.  The Bridge highlighted by green, adding the perfect feature to the coastal spot.  We snapped some photographs, and played with the shadows below.

On this visit I decided not to venture across the Bridge with Shadow and Wilma as last time, we had a little problem.  On that visit BOTH of them became very concerned about the “wiggles”, causing us to almost remain permanently on the other side of the Bridge.  It is a humorous story that I have fond memories of, even though we caused quite a scene.  The Wiggly Bridge is a wonderful landmark to visit, and although I initially found it by accident, I now know it is a famous Bridge, merely due to the small size.  Definitely a great stop that we have enjoyed on several of our Adventures.  I found a couple photos from our past trips which I have added to our collage below.  I was disappointed not to have any photographs of Buster from our first visit, however treasure an Adventure where all three of my pups had an opportunity to visit  (Rating:  4).


February 17, 2019 – Fort McClary Historic Site – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom and I visited the Fort McClary Historic Site in Kittery, Maine.  This is the second, or maybe third time we have been to this Fort.  Fort McClary is located along the Piscataqua River.  It was part of five significant wars, and is one of Maine’s most important historic Forts, serving as protection for more then 275 years.

We had a simple, but historic visit to the Fort McClary Historic Fort yesterday, one of our many stops on our two day Maine getaway.  (most of which I’ve already blogged about but some new Adventures too).  We had visited Fort McClary previously with Shadow and Buster in October 2014 so a bit chillier on this February winter day.  The gates were closed, and the grounds icy so we cautiously approached the Fort.  We ventured up to the Fort, and I ver to the water’s edge, stopping at various landmarks along the way.  As you gaze across the River you can see the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse from a far.  There were some historic write-ups along the way, while various buildings and locations were identified by titles. and dates.  Shadow enjoyed some grassy rolls, while Wilma hopped from various cement blocks watching other visiting dogs from afar.  Wilma often appeared to be interested in the history, peering into doors, and hoping onto windows, always creating a comical laugh on our Adventures.

While I sometimes wish I was more a history buff, I find myself more drawn to the structures, views, moments, and photography opportunities along the way.  Although I found Fort McClary simple compared to many I have visited, it was quite rich in history.  I was disappointed to not find any great photos of Buster from our first visit, but have mixed photographs from the two visits into one collage below (Rating:  3).


Throwback Adventure – Arethusa Falls – New Hampshire

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!  In some cases you will also see journeys that occurred before our little lady Wilma became part of our family, as in our Throwback Adventure today.

In June 2017 Shadow and I had a breathtaking Adventure to Arethusa Falls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Arethusa Falls, sometimes referred to as Tuckerman Falls, is sourced by the Bemis Brook.  It is almost 200 feet in height and is one of the tallest waterfalls in New Hampshire.  The trail to Arethusa Falls is approximately a three mils round-trip hike.  Part of the Trail is paralleled by the Bemis Brook Trail while following the Bemis Brook, and leading you past the Bemis Brook Falls and Coliseum Falls.  It is a popular area for hiking, and ice climbing in the winter months.

One of the most amazing Adventures I have ever taken was this hike I took with Shadow to Arethusa Falls.  I remember the trail to the Falls was clearly labeled,filled with rocks, a bridge or two, and other hikers along the way.  The main trail was not very inspiring, but the elevation gain was definitely a good work-out.  I was super impressed with my rockstar Shadow, (nine at this time) as unlike me, he did not miss a beat!

Upon arrival at the Falls we were immediately drawn to the massive height at the Falls.  It was thin in depth,and musical in sound, as misty water streamed over the rocks.  We hoped from rock to rock finding a nice place to rest, enjoy the waterfall, and eat a little snack.  It was definitely one of the most impressive waterfalls I have seen, and the experience of an exhausting hike made the Adventure even better.  We relaxed and enjoyed the Falls for awhile before heading back on the main trail.

On our return trip we cut over to  the Bemis Brook Trail.  The Trail over to the Bemis Brook Trail was quite steep.  I actually remember sitting down and scooting to make sure I did not fall.  Upon arrival at the bottom we were pleased at the site of a lovely waterfall, before following the Brook and spotting at least one other waterfall along this trail.  There were places for Shadow to swim and drink from the brook.  The mountain water was pure in color, gorgeous, and magical in sound.  It was so fun to find this side trail as I believe I did not know about these other lovely waterfalls before heading on this journey.  This lovely trail completed a day of  absolute Perfection!  I would highly encourage you to visit the magnificent Arethusa Falls and the Bemis Brook Trail.  I will forever remember this special Adventure with my Shadow.  Please see a quick video and some photographs below.  (I am hoping at a future date I will be able to get the longer video to download) (Rating:  5)






Throwback Adventure – Kennebunkport, Maine

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

Shadow, and I had two Adventures to Kennebunkport, Maine in the summer of 2017, and I believe my Mom joined us on one of those trips.  Kennebunkport, Maine is a coastal town in Southern, Maine.  It  is well known for the beaches, the Bush Compound, a Trolley Museum, and the Goat Island Lighthouse.

We have had wonderful trips to Kennebunkport, Maine, with my beach-loving Shadow.  We were especially drawn to Kennebunkport as it was a short drive from our home state of Massachusetts, a dog-friendly town, and provided us a lovely coastal experience.  One of our highlights has been running around on the beaches, often meeting other dog lovers, and enjoying the gorgeous setting sun.  On one of our journeys I took a little video of a jog on the beach that really captured a special memory with my Shadow, (which you can view below).  And although I sound a bit comical I somehow just love this silly little video.

In addition to the beaches we have enjoyed the little downtown area, including:  the tasty Clam Shack,a  lovely bridge adorned with beautiful flower boxes, and little shops along the way.  We also spent some time trying to capture the Goat Island Lighthouse on camera, although only viewed from afar.  It was hard to track down photographs from our visits, but I think I was able to gather a good collection highlighting some wonderful moments in Kennebunkport.  Definitely a special New England town which we plan to return to again (Rating:  4).



February 2, 2019 – Norris Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the Norris Reservation in Norwell, Massachusetts.  Norris Reservation is a 129 acre park run by the Trustees of Reservation.  The Reservation includes:  boardwalks, ponds, a small brook, a boathouse, and many trails.  Some of the trails parallel the North River.  The area is popular for walking, snow shoeing, dog walking and fishing.

We had a wonderful Adventure to the Norris Reservation on a chilly February day.  I recently had been reading about the wonderful parks under The Trustees of Reservation and was excited to check out the Norris Reservation, free of charge.  We started off our hike along the main trail, walking past an icy-filled babbling brook, and a frozen pond.  We soon veered to the right eager to follow the Gordon Pond trail, complete with boardwalks!  Although occasionally you could see the road to the right, overall the trail was lovely, many boardwalks, benches, bridges, and some square stones grooming the trails.  The ice was making cracking, and gurgling sounds, one feature I love in the frigid New England weather.

From the Gordon Trail we looped around on the outer loops of the various trails which followed the North River before looping back to the parking lot.  The River was a bright blue framed by tan grass along the shore.  We walked out to the River’s edge on several occasions checking out the ice, and water.   Shadow and Wilma were enthused with this detour often rolling in the grass and engaging in energized play.  Along the way we also found the beautiful boathouse.  We sauntered through the house enjoying the windows with the perfectly framed scenery and the view from the front porch.  Quite a lovely and unique structure along the way.

The trails were simple but the features, and water along the way made for an absolutely lovely hike.  It was nice to see maps available at the entrance, and along way to guide your way.  Throughout our Adventure we saw numerous dog walkers, and others out on this cold day, many stopping to chat and say hello.  It was a refreshing day at this special Reservation.  I do hope we will be back again (Rating:  4).  (The videos are currently having difficulty downloading, so may be added at a later date).

February 2, 2019 – Hemlock Gorge Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Hemlock Gorge Reservation in Newton, and Needham, Massachusetts.  Hemlock Gorge Reservation is an urban state park that is approximately 16 acres in size.  It is on the Charles River and is especially known for the Echo Bridge, and a waterfall.

We had a unique Adventure to the Hemlock Gorge Reservation on this dark and chilly February day.  I found this Reservation when planning a visit to the Echo Bridge, soon finding that the Bridge was located in the Hemlock Gorge Reservation.  We began our journey following a very simple, snow covered trail.  The trail was in close range to the Charles River, located to our right.  The trail weaved up and around, soon leading us to a lovely waterfall.  The waterfall sang a beautiful song, and was framed by frozen ice, and snow covered icicles, quite the picturesque scene.  We enjoyed the sound of the falls, and the winter scene before turning to our left where we saw the Echo Bridge.  The Bridge was grand in size, with arches below.  We walked to the water’s edge to get a better view as Shadow and Wilma enjoyed the ice and some sips from the River.

We then headed to the top of the Bridge and noticed we could walk across the top, displaying a lovely view from above.  We met a nice young lady, with a sweet little dog named Charlie.  The dogs said hello and she filled us in on the area, which was great as there really was little detailed information available.  We then continued over the Echo Bridge, down the stairs, and across the street to the well known platform said to have a special “Echo”.  I was completely awed at the grand echo from my voice, and quite humored by the dogs’ reaction looking around as they heard their names.  I attempted a video below, but the echo is very faint in the video.  It was quite the fun moment, definitely meeting all my expectations from my readings.

After enjoying the echo for a bit we headed back to a trail over to the “Island”.  We took a wrong turn before finding the trail leading to the “Island”.  There was a simple, but beautiful snow-covered bridge crossing over to this location.  We walked around a bit checking out the view of the River and the Echo Bridge from afar.  The busy roads were not far, reminding us that we were in an urban park, however there were very little visitors making it quiet in its own special way.

Although the Hemlock Gorge Reservation was a very simple urban park, it really did exceed my expectations.  I still am awed by the echo, loved the walk high atop the bridge, and enjoyed the picturesque winter waterfall.  If you are in the area definitely a fun little place to check-out (Rating:  3).