The Adventures of Shadow and Wilma


I have thought about starting a blog or website for many years, and today am taking the big plunge.  My blog will highlight my two passions colliding: my rescue dogs, and scouting out the great outdoors.  Our adventures mostly take place in New England, with some of my favorites including:  waterfalls, lighthouses, covered bridges, beaches, the woods, and the mountains.  I will rate our journeys from 1 (low) to 5 (high), attempting to compare it to other commensurate stops (example:  lighthouse to lighthouse, beach to beach…).  In addition I will share additional dog lovers’ tips, moments, thoughts, and milestones.  Although writing may not be my forte I hope this blog will provide you locations for adventures of your own, and maybe even a connection with a fellow dog-lover.  Please join us as I begin my blog:  “Adventures of Shadow and Wilma”, (while remembering Adventures with Buster along the way.)


“The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog” – Author Unknown


4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Shadow and Wilma

  1. Nice blog with awesome pictures! You have convinced me to visit New England for some hiking. I think I’ll plan a weekend trip this summer.


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