April 22 and 23, 2018 – Getaway to Connecticut

My first blog starts as we journey into Connecticut for a two day getaway.  On our drive to Connecticut we broke up the trip with a visit to the Westville Dam Recreation area in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.  This Dam was designed and constructed by the US Army Corps of engineers, and was completed in 1962.  We traversed around the Quinebaug Lake on the 1.8 trail loop.  It was a beautiful morning the sun was streaming through the trees, the water sparkling, and the beginning of blooming buds in view.  This trail varied from a feel of natural beauty, to a more commercial feel.  This short trail was a favorable way to stretch our legs.  (Rated:  2)DSC05487






We then arrived at our first stop in Connecticut, the West Cornwall covered Bridge in West Cornwall, Connecticut, spanning the Housatonic River.  Although this bridge was last modernized in 1973 it is estimated that it may have been in this location as early as 1762.  Wilma’s agile frame jumped from rock to rock, while Shadow enjoyed wading in the cool River water.  We stopped to take some photos, and enjoyed a stroll along the river.  (Rated:  4)





Next we journeyed to the Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT.  Pulling into the parking lot my eyes were promptly drawn to Kent Falls, a massive waterfall, plunging 250 feet in less than a quarter of a mile.  As we wandered toward the Falls we walked beneath the Kent Falls covered bridge, a lattice bridge, spanning just 37 feet across.  We then followed the Housatonic River directly to the bottom of Kent Falls.  The waterfall provided several opportunities to climb, with various cascades streaming down.  Although a beautiful waterfall I found this site to be very touristy, which seemed to dampen my excitement in this brilliant site.  There were several trails in this park, but I decided to keep moving, as we had many appealing sites planned.  (Rating:  3)





Next we journeyed to Bull’s Bridge in Kent, CT, spanning  the Housatonic River.  The first instance of this bridge was in 1760, while the current bridge was built in 1842.  This stop was a nice surprise as in my hasty research I located a bridge, neglecting to see all the other brilliant sites.  Our hike in this area led us to rushing river rapids, a dam, and numerous trails with stunning views.  This was one of those locations that we really could have explored for the day.  (Rating:  3)   DSC05544DSC05559DSC05573DSC05590





Our last stop of the day was at Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent CT.  This park has trails that lead to the mountain peaks, offering views of the Catskills and Taconics.  Our visit to Macedonia Brook Park was short, as dusk was upon us, and we did not traverse the mountain trails.  We wandered briefly, and enjoyed the sounds of the babbling brooks, and an adorable “must-photograph” bridge.  I think this photo of Shadow and Wilma became my favorite picture of the day.  A peaceful and quiet place to wrap up Day One of our getaway.  (Rating:  3)


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