Adoption Anniversary!

One year ago, Shadow and I, adopted the amazing Wilma Mae from a local rescue agency agency.  A suspected lab/hound, and the wild one of her pack of three, this Alabama lady stole our hearts.  There of course were moments of adjustments, but Shadow and Wilma quickly became best buds.  Wilma immediately joined us on our adventures, and journeys, and fit in perfectly to our active lifestyle.

Thankfully Shadow and Wilma balance one another well.  They enjoy playing, sunbathing together, and are often found sleeping in synchronized position.  Wilma longs to be just like Shadow, following his every move.  I often hear people say Wilma is keeping Shadow “young” at heart, and although I initially felt this an odd statement, I do see how her energy inspires him.  Although a high energy, and often stubborn puppy, there is no doubt that Wilma is our perfect puppy.  We celebrate this wonderful anniversary today, with of course some photographs to share with our followers.

I encourage that you consider rescuing a dog, as they will be your best friend, always loyal, and loving.  I have been going through some medical challenges recently, and Shadow and Wilma have provided me constant therapy, smiles, and encouragement.  They keep me active, and motivated.  My world became a better place when I became a dog Mom.  Celebrating our adoption anniversary today!


Some of my favorite Wilma puppy photographs:


Adorable sideways (oops!) video of puppy Wilma:



Some of my favorite photographs of young Wilma and Shadow:


Two of my favorite photographs of me with young Wilma:


One of our first family photographs:


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