October 6, 2018 – Wilson Castle – Vermont

Today Shadow, Wilma, My Parents, and I Adventured to Wilson Castle in Proctor, Vermont. Wilson Castle was built in 1867 by John Johnson, a physician, and his wife. The couple only briefly resided in the home before Mrs. Johnson died, and it was soon repossessed. The estate changed hands several times before being bought by the Wilson family, who have owned the property since 1939. The Castle is now a museum, and is open for tours.

We had a brief Adventure to Wilson Castle, exploring the grounds of this Castle structure. Although I had read many negative reviews I was curious to check out this unique estate. On arrival it was clear that this Castle was in disrepair, almost appearing more a mansion then the reported “Castle”. However, we decided to take a loop around the Castle, viewing the manor. I was especially drawn to a lovely fountain, eagle statue, and gorgeous stain glass-like window. The estate was decorated for a Halloween event, adding some odd decorations along the grounds. Although definitely not anything magnificent I was pleased to check out the ground of the Wilson Castle (Rating: 2, Company: 5).

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