May 27, 2019 – Circle Museum – New York

I am a bit behind on my blog from the weekend as we had a busy weekend of Adventures.  Therefore I will be sharing these Adventures throughout the week.

On Monday we had our last Adventure of the weekend at the Circle Museum in Austerlitz, New York.  The Circle Museum is an eight acres property that includes a gallery, and metal sculptures scattered throughout the forest and hillside.  The sculptures are created by artist Bijan Mahmoodi and range from straight-forward themes to abstract art.

We had a creative Adventure to the Circle Museum on a lovely spring evening.  This stunning location was found by my friend as we researched stops for our journey home.  I was immediately impressed as there were numerous sculptures of all shapes, sizes and colors in every direction.  It was hard to know where to start but we began zigzagging in and out of these creative sculptures, analyzing our thoughts on their appearance.  I tended to think many resembled bugs, while my friends’ thinking was much more inventive.  It was such a fun location with endless sculptures throughout the grounds.  We wandered for awhile before heading up a little hill to view yet more sculptures.  Throughout our visit Wilma was overly focused on which direction everyone was headed while Shadow a bit tired from our long weekend enjoyed some rolls in the grass.  Such a special outdoor Museum of inventive artwork.  So glad we were able to visit this splendid Museum (Rating:  4, Company:  Just right!)






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