August 25, 2019 -Bay Circuit Trail – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I took a walk on the Bay Circuit Trail. The Bay Circuit Trail is a recreation trail of over 200 miles, crossing 37 towns and linking many parks and landmarks. It is popular for activities including: biking, paddling, horseback riding, and running.

We had a simple Adventure on the Bay Circuit Trail. The Trail was a dirt path surrounded by greenery. There was no change in scenery, no color, and little variety, creating quite a monotonous and dull scene. The Trail often paralleled private homes, however remained quiet from voices, and activity. We saw several bikers throughout the afternoon. Shadow and Wilma appreciated the new smells along the way, always so eager to explore!

On the way back I decided to take a side trail that led us over to the Minuteman National Park. This path was extremely overgrown and often I was pushing plants and prickers aside leading the way for my best buds. It was great to see a bit of change in landscape with some logs on part of the path, an unusual metal structure on the side, and bright pink flowers from afar. However I was quite pleased when we arrived at the scenic Minuteman National Park, ending our journey on the Bay Circuit Trail. I was quite unimpressed with the Trail, yet wonder as a walker if I can really give this Trail justice, as we traversed far less then the 200 plus miles. The idea of biking to landmarks is quite extraordinarily but on foot one can only go so far. Therefore I will not rate this The Bay Circuit Trail as I was still grateful to find a new place for a walk. A beautiful day for an Adventure!

PS – If you would like to read more on my blog about Minuteman National Park you can search for this in the search box.

3 thoughts on “August 25, 2019 -Bay Circuit Trail – Massachusetts

  1. I’ve had my eye on hiking the Bay State Trail but did figure it might not be that exciting, being relatively close to the city. Glad you got to the Minuteman National park—that was the trail that I biked on last week.

    Mary Ann

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