October 19 & 20 & 21, 2019 – Stowe Recreation Path – Vermont

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.  I now will continue our Vermont Adventures from the weekend…in no particular order.

Several times this past weekend Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Stowe Recreation Path in Stowe, Vermont, while my Mom also joined us on one visit.  The Stowe Recreation Path is a 5.3 mile paved trail that was built in several phases.  It crosses the West River, provides mountain views, and winds throughout the restaurant and shopping districts.

We had leg-stretching Adventures to the Stowe Recreation Path.  We stopped many times on the Recreation Path in attempt to view various terrain along the trail.  I also had located several bridges on the map, so was driven to explore every one I could find.  The Stowe Recreation Path was simple, but lovely.  The bridges were a perfect touch, the views gorgeous, and you can never go wrong with a walk on a spectacular Fall day.  I kept my eye out for details, appreciating the fall foliage, birch trees, and variety of landscape.  We even observed what appeared to be a beaver swimming in the River.  There were bikers, walkers, tourists, and locals.  I would definitely traverse his trail often if I lived locally.  So glad we could stroll along this popular Path on our visit to Stowe (Rating:  4)



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