First Snow of the Season

As my fellow New Englanders are aware, we had our first snow of the year, an almost three day storm.  In my part of Massachusetts we had approximately eighteen inches of snow!  I was thrilled to have two days off from work and spend lots of time with my two best friends!  Wilma was very excited about the snow running happily, and spending lots of time searching for the ball as it moved around under the snow.  Constant entertainment, and laughs.  I threw her some snow balls which she of course caught, she enjoyed keep-away with a stick, and of course I spent alot of time throwing the ball, her favorite backyard activity.  As for Shadow he preferred lounging on the blanket, cuddling with Mom, and playing with Wilma.  Even though they love playing, Shadow is often encouraged by Wilma so it is fun to see him engage her in playful moments.  Although different personalities, energy levels, and ten years apart they really are best buds, and the perfect balance.

In addition to hours of play-time we practiced for our annual Christmas card.  I will share these photographs soon!  So although there are pros and cons to being a New Englander and dealing with snow, I can say we definitely enjoyed the first storm.  Below you will see some photographs and videos from the last couple of days.  Let the Winter begin!



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