February 9, 2020 – Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site in Saugus, Massachusetts.  Saugus Iron Works is the Site of the first integrated ironworks in North America, begun by European iron makers.  The Park is nine acres and includes:  a museum, working waterwheels, a mill, a 17th century home, and a short nature trail along the marsh and woodlands.  The Park is open seasonally.

We had a unique Adventure to the Saugus Iron Works.  As I am recovering from a back injury (yes again!) and still being cautious with Wilma recuperating toenail, we decided to defer from a daytrip and instead explore the Saugus Iron Works.  I had observed the sign on the highway several times, leading to our discovering of this National Park.

Saugus Iron Works was well marked, and easily located.  Upon arriving we found one car in the parking lot, however had not expected it to be crowded due to the current off-season.  Immediately we located a brochure providing additional information about the Site.  We spent about an hour exploring the Park, checking out the water wheels, furnace area, and all structures in site.  The Park was on the basin of the Saugus River adding some scenery, and songs of nature.  There were some picturesque bridge structures, and a cement path leading the way.  After finishing exploring the main features we took a stroll along the nature trail, very short, but a nice little add-on to our experience.  I was pleased to see a blue sky, contrasting with the browns of winter.

Throughout our visit Shadow and Wilma appreciated many rolls, while Wilma especially loved watching the ducks.  Shadow and Wilma were eager to inhale the smells, and enthusiastic to explore.  I was disappointed by the excessive geese poop along the grounds, but I guess that comes with New England winter.  I found the Park simple, yet distinctive.  I can imagine it is quite the learning experience when in-season with demonstrations, tours, and working wheels.  So glad we were able to visit the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Park today (Adventure will not be rated as Park was closed for the season).


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