March 8, 2020 – Franklin Sculpture Park – Massachusetts

On March 8, 2020 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Franklin Sculpture Park in Franklin, Massachusetts.  The Franklin Sculpture Park is a small sculpture Park.  The project to create this sculpture park was driven by the community, the land donated by the town, while the Franklin Art Center organized the artwork.  The Franklin Sculpture Park is free for visitors.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Franklin Sculpture Park.  I was excited to find this Park as it had not popped up in my searches before.  Even better I was thrilled to have my Mom join us to explore this new location.  We arrived at the Park to find few other visitors.  We began the cement loop around the Park, scattered with sculptures throughout.  The sculptures were labeled, and many quite unique.  I think my favorite sculptures were:  two faces, a photograph sculpture, a path of rainbows, and fish artwork framing the water.  In thinking back I guess I should have payed a bit more attention to their titles, but likely you can locate them below.

We enjoyed strolling slowly, and appreciating great company.  There were ducks in the water adding a nature feel to what appeared to be a man-made pond, and energizing Wilma in anticipation.  The landscape was winter brown, but yet pretty in its own way.  We enjoyed a quite humorous moment when Wilma did not appear thrilled to find a monster-appearing structure in her view.  I took a quick video as this moment occurred and she soon warmed up to this mysterious creature.  We posed with several of the sculptures and enjoyed the moments.  Poor Shadow was quite disappointed not to take a dip, but yet the water did not look too clean for a sip.  Simple, but really a lovely Park.  So glad we discovered the Franklin Park Sculpture Park today (Rating:  3.5)

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