Remembering Shadow and Buster Together

So today I thought I would remember Shadow and Buster’s spectacular Adventures TOGETHER.  They were instant best friends, playing constantly, until the very end when Buster passed at the young age of seven.  I adopted Buster as a puppy approximately a year after adopting Shadow as a puppy.  We started our Adventures in Florida, especially enjoying the beaches, Hillsborough State Park, and Lettuce Lake.  While residing in Florida we took two road trips to Massachusetts in the summer months, and also met family in Virginia for a vacation.  Once relocating to Massachusetts we continued to explore, enjoying various State Parks, the beaches, the mountains and the woods.  Endless fun and memories!  I cannot believe they are both gone, just heartbreaking.  Hoping they are frolicking together enjoying their fantastic reunion.  Although I could never post all of our favorite photographs, this is a large collection of many wonderful moments!  Here are the boys…they are Forever in our hearts!

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