April 22, 2020 – Battle Road Trail, Part III – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, and I Adventured to the Battle Road Trail in Concord, Massachusetts.  The Battle Road Trail is an almost ten mile round trip Trail, connecting historic sites from Concord to Lexington Massachusetts.  The Trail focuses on the Battle of 1775 which began the American Revolution.  It crosses wetlands, forests, and farmlands, and contains various landmarks and kiosks along the way.  The Trail is part of the Minute Man National Historic Park.

We had a gusty Adventure to the Battle Road Trail.  This was the first time we have been to this section of the Battle Road Trail, so I am therefore titling it “Part III”.  This is our third and final blog of this special Trail, as we have now officially traversed the entire Trail.  It was sad to complete this journey without our Shadow but we were pleased that he was able to appreciate almost the entire Trail as today was the smallest portion of our three part Adventure.  Today Wilma and I parked at the last lot at Meriam Corner.  Apparently we did the Trail backwards as my research indicated this was actually the beginning  of the Battle Road Trail..oops!  After parking we headed toward Nathan Meriam’s home, the only historical building on this last section of the Trail.  Wilma posed on a bench nearby, and at the home.  We then walked around this historic building, quickly locating some bright colors in several flowers, including:  Narcissus, Hyacinths, and Periwinkles.  More and more signs of spring to brighten our day!

We then returned to the parking lot and continued on the Trail, heading in the direction of our previous Adventures.  There were few other visitors exploring, and we did not even spot one dog friend.  The sky was filled with perfect clouds, and the wind roaring.  There were several benches along the way, kiosks, and several very short boardwalks.  We sauntered through the fields, and woods, before entering the edge of farmland, and soon arrived at the farthest location of which we commenced “Part II” of our Battle Road Trail Adventures.  (I believe that official location was “Carty Barn” per my best guess from the map).

Wilma seemed a bit apprehensive again today, but yet the wind was quite wild, possibly causing her some uncertainty.  Yet she may still be building her confidence without chill Shadow trotting by her side, reassuring her that everything will be alright.  However she still was quite energetic to be out and about.  Wilma has had a sore leg on and off so we have been doing a little less walking, and backyard time, causing us both to be especially thrilled to be out and about.  So we did our best to walk slowly, and I took time to cherish the precious moments from our first Adventures with our sweet Shadow.  If you would like to see our previous two Adventures with Shadow to the Battle Road Trail you can type “Battle Road Trail” in the search box, and all three Adventures will be listed from your search.  The Battle Road Trail is definitely an original place to explore in our New England (Rating:  3).

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