Remembering Shadow and Wilma’s Adventures Together

So today I thought I would remember Shadow’s amazing Adventures with Wilma.  Although nine years apart they were an amazing pair.  Shadow taught her the rules, and helped her feel calm in the unpredictable times.  They enjoyed playing together and their numerous Adventures.   Some people doubted their age difference, but I knew it was a wonderful decision for all of us.  And although I never bought into the idea that she would keep him young, I do wonder as Wilma’s constant energy added joy to his days.  Some of our favorite Adventures occurred in the summer of 2018 when I worked at an Inn in the White Mountains providing us endless, gorgeous Adventures.  Wilma and Shadow had almost three years together, and created such wonderful memories.  Although I could never post all of my favorite photographs, this is a large collection of many wonderful moments.  Here are Shadow and Wilma’s Adventures TOGETHER.  Boy do Wilma and I miss him!



6 thoughts on “Remembering Shadow and Wilma’s Adventures Together

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m sorry for the loss of your Shadow. Our Monkey passed away suddenly last year, leaving us heartbroken. We didn’t want another dog. But our Lily was so depressed and lost without Monkey, so we wound up rescuing Trudy. We don’t miss Monkey any less, but Trudy is such a good girl who makes us laugh and Lily is back to her old personality

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