May 15, 2020 – Mill Hill – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Mill Hill property in Littleton, Massachusetts.  Mill Hill is part of the Littleton Conservation Land.  It is less than 30 acres in size and borders Beaver Brook.  There are several trails on the property, and a picnic area on top of the hill.  As expected the property is popular for walking, and picnicking.

We had a warm Adventure to Mill Hill on what appeared to me to be the warmest day this year.  We arrived at this property to find a small parking lot, only large enough for about three cars, and we were lucky number three.  We began on the trail eager to explore and be out on a walk.  The trail was simple, and monotonous.  There were many swarming bugs throughout our walk but I was quite thankful that they were not biting, and we carried on.

On part of our walk we could hear the very small brook singing, although overall the sounds of the nearby highway was predominant.  There were large rocks for Wilma to jump on, and I was thrilled to see all the green leaves high above the woodlands.  The only other color I found was a few purple violets.  On our walk we located two old chimneys, and the picnic area on the hill.  As per our usual we made sure to explore every trail on the property.  Wilma was very hot, and her adorable tongue made for the perfect selfie!  It was nice to see her drinking and wading in the little streams.  That moment made me smile thinking of our Shadow, who would undoubtedly be laying in the steam soaking up every inch!

I was quite unimpressed with Mill Hill, however my research beforehand indicated that would be the case.  We still enjoyed an energetic walk and more signs of spring.   One spectacular thing about New England is that you appreciate those little things, as simple as trees with leaves.  So although it is unlikely we will be back to Mill Hill, we were glad embark on a new Adventure (Rating:  2)


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