Throwback Adventure – Great Brook Farm State Park – Massachusetts

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

Today my Throwback Adventure is Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle, Massachusetts.  Great Brook Farm State Park is a State Park managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  It is approximately 1,000 acres and has over twenty miles of trails.  It has an ICE CREAM stand, an active farm area, and is popular for hiking, skiing, mountain biking and dog walking.  There is a parking fee during in-season months.

I am pleased to share that Shadow, Wilma, and Buster ALL had many, many Adventures to the spectacular Great Brook Farm State Park.  I am sure I have been there hundreds of times over the years, which is why it probably took me so long to create this blog, finding old photographs from various Adventures.  So I therefore have determined it falls under our Throwback Adventure Thursday.  We have been to Great Brook Farm State Park with family and friends, attempted training with Wilma (haha), created holiday photos, met many dog friends, and lounged, relaxed, and rolled in the leaves and grass.  Great Brook Farm State Park has been one of my favorites in all seasons, and is one of the few local, dog-friendly parks that grooms their trails when snow is deep.  The Park has trails with bridges, fields, rocks, wildflowers, hills, and ponds, creating endless opportunities to explore.  Shadow loved many swims and rolls, Wilma especially enjoyed bounding up onto the large boulders, and Buster always appreciated a long, vigorous hike.

In addition to our hikes we enjoyed many scoops of ice cream, a tasty way to end an Adventure.  Please see photographs and videos from some of our Adventures below. (Several of the videos you may have seen before in my Weekly Video/Photo section if you have followed by blog regularly).  If you live locally Great Brook State Farm MUST be added to your list (Rating:  4).

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