June 14, 2020 – The Mount, The Edith Wharton Estate – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to The Mount, The Edith Wharton Estate in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Edith Wharton was an author who designed both the home and the grounds.  The property included:  gardens, numerous trails, and the estate.  There are tours of both the gardens and home, and The Mount also hold various cultural events.

We had a pristine Advantage to The Mount. I had done minimal research but had confirmed that The Mount was dog friendly.  Upon arrival I was surprised to see the simplicity of the property but that did not last long as we soon were wandering into a wonderful scene.  We began walking into the woods past the “Stable” before arriving at the main home.  The home was beautiful, and quite immense.  We admired the home before heading to the nearby gardens.

The garden was bright and colorful, highlighted by a beautiful fountain in the center. We strolled around taking photographs and appreciating the bright variation of colors. From this flower garden you could pass through a tunnel of perfectly pruned trees to the next garden which was more ivy based, and also contained a lovely fountain.  Surprisingly I enjoyed the less colorful garden most, quite unique.

Besides the gardens we spent time exploring the endless trails, even arriving at a pond, I believe it was the Beaver Pond.  The trail along the Pond was just beautiful, scattered with wild flowers!  That was definitely my favorite part of the trails although we also enjoyed hiking through the woods, finding several small bridges, and streams. Some parts of the trails were labeled but they were a bit confusing without a map. However we were quite pleased to take a long walk in addition to exploring the gardens and estate.  We even located the Pet Cemetery, a dedication to Wharton’s best friends.  A special and sad little spot on our visit.

We also took some time to sit, relax and enjoy the environment, although Wilma generally preferred to lay down on her time, not on my planned “sitting time” – my funny girl.  Although there were many visitors and voices they were pretty well spread out and it was sill a peaceful place.  Such a beautiful day to enjoy The Mount (Rating:  4)


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