June 20, 2020 – Brenton Point State Park – Rhode Island

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to Brenton Point State Park in Newport, Rhode Island.  Brenton State Park can be found on Ocean Drive, the location of a former estate.  Brenton State Park is popular for:  walking, fishing, sitting and relaxing, and kite flying.

We had a coastal Adventure to Brenton Point State Park.  We arrived to find quite the stench, but yet were also greeted by a cool summer breeze.  We began exploring, walking above the rocky shore to see what we could find.  There were spots along the way where we could walk down to the rocks.   Wilma enjoyed wandering, digging in the small rocks, and even played a little bit in the water.  She rolled in the seaweed, and several times began running around me in circles, seemingly celebrating her new environment.  The rocks varied in color, and were unique in texture.  There were flowers, including pink, white and yellow Rugosa, creating a beautiful scene.  The water varied in shade, often highlighted by the underwater seaweed.  These little details of color and textures were all quite spectacular.

Located in the Park we found the Portuguese Discovery Monument dedicated to the Portuguese maritime navigators.  This Memorial was quite unique in style, and provided a special dedication to these navigators.

Besides appreciating the Memorial and wandering on the shore we were eager to explore the carriage trails which contained:  The Bells, the remains of an egyptian manse, and a tower, providing views of the surrounding area.  We had no specific map or idea where to find these sites of curiosity but it did not take long to locate them.  We first found the Tower, with winding stairs to the top.  I was quite eager to take Wilma on her first climbing Tower Adventure (haha).  The first step was very high, but from there we had no trouble venturing to the top.  We were able to see the ocean, and spot the ruins from high above the tree tops.  From there we ventured to the ruins.  The ruins were blocked off by a fence so there was limited viewing, but it was quite interesting to check-out the remains of this manse.  Brenton State Park was simple, but yet had many unique aspects that we appreciated.  It was especially pleasant to enjoy a coastal visit with a pleasant breeze on a very warm day (Rating:  4).

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