June 20, 2020 – The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts.   The Nature Trail is less then one mile in length, and provides educational opportunities for guests to learn about the life cycle of a cranberry.  The bog consists of approximately eight acres, and is currently an active farm.

We had a dynasty-like Adventure to The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog.  I had known about the Bog for many years and finally had an opportunity to visit.  It was exciting as always to be in sight of Gillette stadium!  The Cranberry Bog was located just behind the Bass Pro Shop on the edge of Patriot Place.  As you may know my two favorite hobbies in life are adventures with my dogs, and cheering on the Patriots, so definitely the perfect Adventure to start our day.

We were pleased to be the first to arrive at the Trail, greeted by several signs.  Soon into the Trail we found an area with chairs, and a bench.  We wandered around this spot before heading down the trail, and quickly arrived at the main boardwalk.  The view was gorgeous, and the boardwalk was quite scenic.  Along the boardwalk we located several benches to sit and relax.  From there we wandered toward the cranberry field, which was lined by a wooden fence.  It was simple, but really quite beautiful!!  Wilma appreciated the smells, and took her time on this leisure walk.  There were small kiosks providing information about cranberries, and the process of cultivation.  The Trail looped around before heading back into the woods.  The woods part of the Trail was a little dull, and buggy, but that did not take away from our Adventure.  Even though listed as an “on leash” location we did see two dogs off leash, but overall found the Trail to be very quiet.  Such a neat location, which you may not expect to find at the well known Patriot Place.   I would definitely recommend a visit to The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog if you are in the area (Rating:  3.5).


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