June 26, 2020 – Mill Creek Park – Maine

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Mill Creek Park in South Portland, Maine. Mill Creek Park is a 10 acre urban Park that contains a pond with a fountain, a gazebo, and small gardens. The Park is popular for seasonal activities, including: Winterfest, holiday tree lighting, summer concerts, and Art in the Park. There are benches throughout the park to sit and relax.

We had a relaxing Adventure to Mill Creek Park. I had read about this park before our visit and knew it was a small, and simple park. However we were drawn in by the beautiful pond, ducks, and vast areas of shade so decided to stop and explore. We began our visit by finding a quiet spot in the shade to eat our lunch. It was nice to find a cool spot to relax and enjoy the scenic water view.

After eating we walked around the pond to check out the sites. The Park was highlighted by the pond, filled with beautiful lily pads, ducks and geese, and also the fountain. Wilma was quite thrilled to see the ducks and geese often standing on her hind feet as she hoped to chase them. Along our walk we also appreciated the many colorful flowers, and some small gardens. It was a scenic location. Unfortunately it was hard to ignore the geese poop throughout the park, but besides that we enjoyed our visit to this small, but lovely location. So glad we were able to Adventure to Mill Creek Park today (Rating: 3.5)

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