July 3, 2020 – Porcupine Falls – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Porcupine Falls in Gilsum, New Hampshire.  Porcupine Falls is located in the John and Rosemarie Calhoun Family Forest, part of the Monadnock Conservancy.  The Falls is approximately  fifteen feet in height and is sourced from the White Brook.  The Trail to the Falls is less then one mile round trip.

We had a simple Adventure to Porcupine Falls.  We arrived after following White Brook Road to the end, first seeing the sign to John and Rosemarie Calhoun Forest and then landing directly into the parking lot.  Upon exiting we heard the chirping birds and singing Brook.  We began over a bridge crossing the Brook and headed out on our trek.

The Trail to Porcupine Falls followed the blue diamond trail.  Along the trail there were two bridges, many ferns, and a boardwalk-like bridge. The trail was very buggy but the continual sounds of water and nature helped distract us from the bombing bugs. Immediately preceding the Falls there were some rock stairs, and the second bridge. Porcupine Falls was locatesdto the left of this bridge.  I could not believe how short the trail was to the Falls. We hopped over the rocks to arrive right next to the Falls.  Honestly I was slightly disappointed as I had imagined a much more impressive Falls. However we made sure to explore the area surrounding the Falls and appreciate the moments.  I was quite pleased not to see any porcupines but yet oddly I saw one from the car later in the day. Always glad to visit yet another New England waterfall (Rating: 3).

PS – It is recommended that you view the videos to see the best perspective of the waterfall – video three is captured in closest proximity.

Video 1:  Bridge near Porcupine Falls

Video 2:  Trail to Porcupine Falls

Video 3:  Porcupine Falls

Video 4:  First Bridge over White Brook on the way to Porcupine Falls

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