July 24, 2020 – Belle Isle Marsh Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Belle Isle Marsh Reservation in Boston, Massachusetts.  Belle Isle Marsh is Boston’s last salt marsh.  The Reservation is managed by the Department of Reservation and is approximately 240 acres in size.  It encompasses various trails, including a .6 mile loop.  The Reservation is popular for walkers, nature lovers, and bird watchers.

We had a mosquito-filled Adventure to Belle Isle Marsh Reservation.  I was excited to have My Mom join us and visit this park which has caught my curiosity for some time.  We arrived to find the parking lot almost completely empty.  We began our journey, and found some nearby rangers who warned us of the mosquitoes and offered their bug spray.  We decided to agree to this kind gesture and utilized the bug spray before carrying on to our Adventure.  Belle Isle Marsh Reservation was beautiful, lovely wild flowers, boardwalks, and green framed marsh views.  Planes from Logan flew over on occasion adding some drama to the scene. The mosquitoes were rough but we continued on determined to see the Reservation.  We enjoyed a climb up a tower providing panoramic views of the area.  Wilma was quite enthused with this climb, always looking back to make sure her precious Grandma was nearby.  This was a fun feature in the Reservation.

Our plan was then to watch some baby osprey being banded by the rangers.  However as we ventured farther into the marsh the mosquitoes became brutal, I do remember EVER seeing anything like it.  I figured I would be fine, but I was soooo wrong.  The mosquitoes were so vicious that there was no way we could sit and watch any activities with the rangers.  I was very disappointed to miss this special opportunity but it was clear to both of us that it was not an option. However, we managed to walk around the loop, almost panicked at some points by the attacks.  Luckily it did not seem like Wilma was bothered by the mosquitoes until near the end when she would often roll and clearly was becoming irritated with them.  I felt badly about this and hope that she was more bothered by feeling them on her then any real bites (as she does not like when a fly, piece of grass, or anything is on her fur).  However she loved trotting around, exploring the trails, climbing the tower and checking out the marsh views.  The Reservation was unique, but I can promise you we will never be back.  Although strangely we still were glad to visit another location today (Rating:  3).


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