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If you regularly follow my blog please skip to paragraph three…

I have decided to return to the “normal” Weekly Video/Photo section of my blog.  As you likely know we lost Shadow about two months ago and I have been focusing this section on Shadow.  However, I have peace knowing I will continue to highlight favorite photographs including Shadow and Buster.  The plan will still be to still display a video or photo, usually highlighting an Adventure, while I might also sneak in some that are humorous, adorable, or just other fun dog moments.

If you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that I adopted Shadow as a puppy, and about a year later adopted Buster as a puppy.  We had many wonderful years together before experiencing the devastating loss of Buster at just seven.  It took a long time for our hearts to heal, but almost a year later we welcomed little Wilma into our world.  We were recently devastated to loose Shadow on April 3, 2020.  It is so painful to know Shadow and Buster are both gone, but they will be in our hearts forever!

My feature today is a video of Shadow and Wilma at Fraconia Falls back in 2017.  Fraconia Falls is barely something I would call a waterfall, but it came at the end of an amazing day of hiking at Lincoln Woods.  It is still a beautiful series of cascades, and provides a distant mountain views.  Glad to have captured this on a day full of memories!  I will be adding this to my initial blog but you can type in Fraconia Falls in the search box to read more about our Adventure and see a variety of photographs.  This was the only time I have been to Fraconia Falls but I look forward to returning as I absolutely love this area of the mountains.


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