July 29, 2020 – Jamaica Pond – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I adventured to Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts.  It is part of the Emerald Necklace Parks which were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. Jamaica Pond is a kettle pond with a 1.5 mile loop path.  The Pond also contains the Jamaica Pond Boat House which proves opportunities for rowing and sailing.  As expected Jamaica Pond is popular for running, walking, dog walkers, and boating.

We had a blue sky-filled adventure to Jamaica Pond.  I was excited to check out Jamaica Pond, our second adventure to an Emerald Necklace Park.  We arrived bright and early and were pleased to find a parking spot on Pond Street.  I was surprised to find it so crowded at this early time but yet thankful for people wearing masks.

We began around the loop, the sky bright blue, and the Pond sparkling.  The loop was paved and almost continually provided views across the pond, a beautiful sight.  I found most of the visitors were quite intensely focused on their workout routine, while our walk was more a bit more suburban in style (haha).  We found several spots to take photos near the water, but unclear of the water’s purity, I decided not to let Wilma wade. We enjoyed our trot around the Pond, and checking out the boathouse with the colorful boats floating on the Pond.  We did see several dogs off leash, leading  us to take a slight detour to avoid the chaotic scene.  Unfortunately we had one brief incident where an off leash dog charged at us, quite disappointing.  Overall we found that guests adhered to the leash laws.

There were few squirrel sightings but Wilma still enjoyed our walk and exploring a new environment.  We really did love our visit to Jamaica Pond.  It is a pretty setting, a great place to exercise, and provided endless benches to sit and relax.  Obviously this location is far from a secret per the crowds.  So glad we could visit Jamaica Pond today.  We look forward to exploring more of the Emerald Necklace Parks (Rating:  3.5)


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