September 12, 2020 – Moby Dick’s Restaurant – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Moby Dick’s Restaurant in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod. Moby Dick’s opened in 1983. It is a family friendly restaurant that specializes in seafood. Moby Dick’s is open seasonally and has a gift shop next door. They provide seating in their indoor dining room, and also outdoors.

We had a tasty Adventure to Moby’s Dick Restaurant. I believe this was Wilma’s very first dining experience, not including our common ice cream Adventures. I was surprised to find I could bring Wilma in the restaurant to order. I ordered one of my favorites – fish and chips – and a refreshing lemonade. The outdoor seating area was quiet, but I still decided to find seating at the end, and my food was quickly delivered. Wilma seemed to wonder what the plan was but soon realized we would be sitting at the table for some time. She laid down for a bit and also sat watching her surroundings. She was tired from the day which I am sure helped her be calm and relaxed. She had two brief barks – one as three horses trotted down the busy highway – bizzare – but I was able to redirect her immediately. I was so proud of my little lady! And although they did not have any dog ice cream I did slip her a couple fries (shh). It was a fun experience, filling, and a beautiful day to be outside. So glad we could Adventure to Moby Dick’s restaurant (Rating: 3.5).

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