February 15, 2021- Norumbega Tower – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Norumbega Tower in Weston, Massachusetts. Norumbega Tower is a stone Tower built in 1889 by Eben Norton Horsford. It is said to be the site of the Viking town of Norumbega. The Tower is approximately 38 feet tall, and has a spiral staircase that leads to the top.

We had a fun Adventure to Norumbega Tower. I had read about Norumbega Tower in the past and was looking for some simple local Adventures after our long walk, due to the impending weather that changed my original plans. So today was the day for our Adventure to Norumbega Tower. Upon arrival we found no parking for the Tower due to the snow. I drove around for a little bit, before deciding to park at the office building around the corner and down the street, determined to explore this unique location. We parked and walked to the main street before trancing through the snow, and up a hill and over to the Tower. Wilma was quite thrilled, running in circles and darting from place to place! I was glad we did not having any foot mishaps not always knowing where we were walking due to the snow and unknown surroundings.

I was excited to arrive at the Tower, although nothing spectacular, still quite distinctive. We wandered up to the Tower checking out all aspects. I was surprised to find the Tower gate open and decided why not – up we went. The climb was easy but yet the higher we got I realized maybe not the safest conditions to be climbing the small stairs, some covered with ice and snow. We also passed one part in the dark – yikes! It was fun watching Wilma climb eagerly, seeming to check on me on some occasions, listening carefully when I asked her to wait, and peering out the windows as we passed. We made it to the top quickly – a small circle lookout with views of the River, and darkness of the day. We hung out for a little bit before beginning our descent. (See below for a video of our climb). I was quite surprised I made it down without a slip with the snowy and icy conditions. Definitely a true Adventure! After climbing down we wandered around the Tower. Overall there was not much to see, however, the climb made it all worth the trip. So glad we could Adventure to Norumbega Tower today (Rating: 3.5).

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