February 13, 2021 – Crowninshield/Brown Island – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Crowninshield Island in Marblehead, Massachusetts, also referred to as Brown Island. The Island is managed by the Trustees of Reservations. It has trails, a sandy beach, and rocky shores. It can only be reached by a walk at low tide or by boat.

We had a gorgeous sun-rising Adventure to Crowninshield Island. I was excited to plan our Adventure thoroughly studying the tide and hoping we would arrive accordingly. Upon arrival I found the parking situation very confusing. Shadow, Wilma, and I actually had tried once to visit but never found parking. I drove around for some time before finally guessing on what seemed like an appropriate and legal spot. We had finally arrived to begin our Adventure!

We locating some stairs down to the beach and off we headed to Crowninshield Island! Wilma appeared quite joyful darting back and forth as we trotted along, and of course sniffing the remnants of low tide. The view of the Island in sunrise was just spectacular, so thrilling to head toward it. I knew there was another Island nearby but upon arrival we located the Trustees of Reservation signage and map notifying us that we had officially arrived at Crowninshield Island. We began down the trail, stopping at every lookout to check out the lovely colors in the sky. The rocks surrounding the Island were snow covered creating quite the scene. We walked along the trail which was marked with footprints in the snow, actually so well that I did not even watch for any sign markers. Wilma loved the Island smells and was quite curious of her new surroundings. Although we did not rush through the Island I was careful not to be too leisurely, quite aware of the necessity of low tide to return to shore safely.

After finishing the trail portion we wandered over to the south side of the Island, which appeared to be the sandy beach location. There was a massive rock, lots of snow, beautiful trees, and the sun was now rising. We explored the area finding a frozen scene. From there we headed back, the water definitely rising, but not at a pace that was concerning. Wilma ran circles around me, tried digging in the ice and just was as fun and enthusiastic as ever. Maybe she knew my excitement and appreciation for this unique Adventure. We only saw one other person, and his dog, who kindly asked about unleashing his dog as he noticed Wilma on leash. That was a nice way to end our perfect morning, and off we headed to our next Adventures (Rating: 4.5 – Although the superb sunset may have inflated this rating).

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