March 21, 2021 – Hanover, New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Hanover, New Hampshire. Hanover, New Hampshire is a town near the border of Vermont, that runs along the Connecticut River. Hanover is known for being the location of Dartmouth College, for its Art culture, and also visited for the shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

We had a sunny Adventure to Hanover, New Hampshire. It seems like spring arrived on the official first weekend of spring, an energizing time for those from New England! Upon arrival we were pleased to find no charge for parking, maybe due to it being sunday, but either way a good way to start our day. We walked through the town locating shops, restaurants, and decorations from various holidays adorning the buildings. We soon found ourselves on the Dartmouth campus. The buildings were grand, and numerous. Throughout our time on the campus we found various art sculptures, which was fun!

After exploring what seemed to be the main parts of Hanover I decided we must check out the Connecticut River so there we headed. Upon arrival we found a creative bridge, highlighted by green colored beams and gigantic sphere frames. We peered down the River mostly frozen and covered with snow. After crossing we found a path under the bridge and over to the Foley Park. The reflections of the bridge on the River were lovely, adding beautiful character to the area. Upon arrival to the park we found a family event going on, lots of people scattered around. There was not much to explore at the park so we headed back to the the main parts of the town.

I overall found Hanover somewhat dull, but yet it seemed like a fun place for those attending college at Dartmouth. My favorite parts of the Adventure were finding the sculptures scattered throughout the campus, and the bridge crossing the beautiful Connecticut River. Wilma enjoyed walking, and of course practiced some rolls on the grass. It was so nice to feel the environment of spring, so invigorating. Glad we could visit Hanover, New Hampshire today (This blog will not be rating).

4 thoughts on “March 21, 2021 – Hanover, New Hampshire

  1. As usual, beautiful photos! I will say though that this area is much more beautiful in the summer, when everything is in bloom. Very different than wintertime. Love the water and bridge photos.

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  2. Your gret cousin, Scott went to Dartmouth where he was an outstanding crew rower as an undergraduate!  Glad you got to see the campus.

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