March 21, 2021 – Hanover, New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Hanover, New Hampshire. Hanover, New Hampshire is a town near the border of Vermont, that runs along the Connecticut River. Hanover is known for being the location of Dartmouth College, for its Art culture, and also visited for the shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

We had a sunny Adventure to Hanover, New Hampshire. It seems like spring arrived on the official first weekend of spring, an energizing time for those from New England! Upon arrival we were pleased to find no charge for parking, maybe due to it being sunday, but either way a good way to start our day. We walked through the town locating shops, restaurants, and decorations from various holidays adorning the buildings. We soon found ourselves on the Dartmouth campus. The buildings were grand, and numerous. Throughout our time on the campus we found various art sculptures, which was fun!

After exploring what seemed to be the main parts of Hanover I decided we must check out the Connecticut River so there we headed. Upon arrival we found a creative bridge, highlighted by green colored beams and gigantic sphere frames. We peered down the River mostly frozen and covered with snow. After crossing we found a path under the bridge and over to the Foley Park. The reflections of the bridge on the River were lovely, adding beautiful character to the area. Upon arrival to the park we found a family event going on, lots of people scattered around. There was not much to explore at the park so we headed back to the the main parts of the town.

I overall found Hanover somewhat dull, but yet it seemed like a fun place for those attending college at Dartmouth. My favorite parts of the Adventure were finding the sculptures scattered throughout the campus, and the bridge crossing the beautiful Connecticut River. Wilma enjoyed walking, and of course practiced some rolls on the grass. It was so nice to feel the environment of spring, so invigorating. Glad we could visit Hanover, New Hampshire today (This blog will not be rating).

October 19, 2019 – Cornish-Windsor Bridge – New Hampshire

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.

One of our Adventures on the way was the Cornish-Windsor Bridge in Cornish, New Hampshire.  The Bridge was built in 1866, and is one of the longest in the country.  It crosses the Connecticut River, connecting New Hampshire and Vermont.

This was the second time that we had Adventured to the Cornish-Windsor bridge as Shadow, Buster, and I visited back in October 2015.  Surprisingly it appears that I did not photograph the pups at our initial visit.  On this trip we were thrilled that My parents were joining us!  Our Adventure to the Cornish-Windsor bridge was incredibly panoramic.  We located two spots to view this spectacular bridge, one of which was close-up and well trafficked, the second more distant, and dog friendly.  The Cornish-Windsor bridge was quite stunning, grey in color, beautiful in style, and magnificent in length.  We captured the bridge from both locations, and enjoyed the scenery.   So glad we could view the Cornish-Windsor bridge again today (Rating 4.5).


October 2019

October 2015


Throwback Adventure – Brattleboro – Vermont

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In the Summer of 2016 Shadow, Buster, and I Adventured to Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro, Vermont is a small town in Southern Vermont known for its arts, culture and shops. It is bordered by the Connecticut River, West River and Mount Wantastiquet, making it popular for water activities. It is also home of the Creamery Covered Bridge.

We had a steamy Adventure to Brattleboro on a warm summer day. We walked around the town checking out the buildings, and enjoying the gorgeous flower boxes along the way. We strolled along the River and rested for a bit for a water break. We did not find too much entertainment, and found the town to be more of a place for indoor ventures.

In addition to our visit in the main town we of course stopped at some water areas, and the Creamery Covered Bridge. We were able to visit the bridge with Wilma at future visit, but since I blogged about that Adventure previously I did not include the photographs from that second visit. Glad we were able to visit the town of Brattleboro, Vermont.


October 28, 2018 – Gillette Castle State Park – Connecticut

Today we Adventured to Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, Connecticut. This was our second trip to the Gillette Castle. Gillette Castle was once the estate of William Gillette, a famous Actor in the early 1900’s. It was later bought by the state of Connecticut. The Park includes a visitor center, museum, hiking trails, and picnic area. There are even live theater events and walking tours available to visitors.

We had an intriguing Adventure to Gillette Castle State Park. Our first visit was in August 2018, on a warm day, while today was a overcast, almost chilly Fall day. Gillette Castle State Park is a magical experience, transforming visitors back into medieval time, or sensing an escape on a journey abroad. We greatly enjoyed our visit to the Castle, circling the grand structure many times so as not to miss an inch. Shadow enjoyed some rolls in the grass, while Wilma jumped up high to climb along the rock-like fence, posing for photos. Not only is the Castle itself just breathtaking, it is located on the beautiful Connecticut River vast with Fall foliage. Just gorgeous from every direction! Today the Castle was mobbed with visitors, dulling the experience a bit, but really that cannot take away from the brilliant beauty of the Castle.

After visiting the Castle we wandered the trails on the side of the Park, and headed down to the water. Shadow and I were a bit tired from our earlier Adventure so we decided not to engage in any strenuous or lengthy hiking. The trails were not labeled, so we just sauntered around for a bit. We were thrilled to locate three adorable walking bridges along the way, adding some charm to the trails. From the trails we walked around some spots along the main road, finding a gorgeous stone bridge, a leaf filled pond, and several other small features along the way. We of course had to have one last visit to the Castle before finishing up our day. Although I wish we could have had this spot all to ourselves (haha), we still cannot say enough about the spectacular Gillette Castle State Park. I expect we will be back again in the future (Rating: 5).

October 2018

August 2017

Throwback Adventure – Echo Lake (Fraconia Notch State Park)

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday.  These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing.

Echo Lake is a beautiful lake in Fraconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It is 38.2 acres and sits at 1,931 feet elevation.  It is on the northern side of the Fraconia Notch and offers breathtaking views of the Lafayette and Cannon Mountains.  The water of the lake flows toward the Connecticut River.  There is a swimming beach, and a trail around the Lake.

We have frequented Echo Lake many times over the years.  It is an absolutely gorgeous location, especially in Fall.  Often we have stopped just to relax and take photos, while on one journey my Mom enjoyed some time painting, while Shadow, Wilma, and I traversed the Lake trail.  We mostly have visited the Lake during Fall, but just this past Winter we traveled to view the scenery.  A much duller scene in the Winter, but yet I was humored as the Lake appeared no where in site, covered in snow.   It is quite magical to view the changes of season, unique to our beautiful New England.  I would highly recommend exploring Echo Lake.  I will include photos from three of our adventures below (Rating:  5).


October 2016:



I had to include this amazing photo that my Mother took of Shadow, Buster, and I.  It is one I will treasure ALWAYS!  Little did I know that less then a week later Buster would leave our word, at just seven years old.  He was an amazing love in our life, and I miss him so much!  A wonderful memory forever graved in our hearts!


Buster card 2


October 2017:

Echo Lake Oct 2017 4




March 2018: