June 11, 2021 – Bath, Maine

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Bath, Maine. Bath is a town located along the Kennebec River. It is a coastal town located in south-central Maine. Bath is a popular tourist destination known for the 19th century architecture, shops, and waterfront location.

We had a simple Adventure to Bath, Maine, a stop on the way to our main destination. I have often driven past Bath, but this was the first time we decided to stop and explore. We began by exploring the waterfront park, walked around the downtown shopping area, and found little Library Park. The shops were mostly closed but the restaurants were quite busy. We did not see any furry friends, but Wilma found some dog water bowls for some sips. The town had many lovely flowers decorating the landscape. There was not much to see, but it was the perfect stop to stretch our legs. Glad we finally checked out the town of Bath (this blog will not be rated).

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