June 12, 2021 – Ocean Path – Maine

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Ocean Path in Acadia National Park, Maine. The Ocean Path is a scenic trail that runs from Sandy Beach to Otter Cover. It stops by several additional destinations including: Thunder Hole, Monument Cove, and the trailhead to Gorham Mountain. The Path runs in between the ocean and the Park Loop Road, and provides numerous opportunities to walk out onto the rocks and view the coastal scenery. It is approximately four miles round trip.

We had a spectacular Adventure to the Ocean Path. We have been on parts of this Path, and most of the hot spots along the way but today was the first time we decided to explore the entire Path. I was quite disappointed to find my camera did not charge properly, so most of the photographs I attempted to capture on my phone, which is far from superior.

We started our journey on the Ocean Path at 5am, and were so happy to find the beginning of the trail, Sandy Beach, just about vacant. We first walked on Sandy Beach, one of the most gorgeous beaches in New New England. From there we headed to the Ocean Path trail. The views are beyond spectacular in Acadia, and the Ocean Path really highlights the beauty! Since we started so early there were very few cars, making it especially serene. We took time to stop at various spots, and enjoyed several trots out on the rocks. Really every part of this walk was just magnificent. As you walk you can hear the buoy bells, the crashing of the water, and smell flowers, pine, and scents of nature. It really is a must if you are visiting Acadia, but I definitely recommend you go early, or off-season, unless you are someone who does not mind the crowds of the tourists.

After finishing this hike we headed back to Sandy Beach and spent about an hour relaxing, and exploring. I waded in the cold water but it was just perfect for my hiking feet. I attempted to convince Wilma into the water and she definitely was brave, even sticking her face in one time. She absolutely love digging, running circle around me, and running from the waves. As usually her enthusiasm made me smile. So glad we walked the entire Ocean Path today, on a lovely spring day (Rating: 5).

5 thoughts on “June 12, 2021 – Ocean Path – Maine

  1. Beautiful! Can’t believe how you just go to Acadia so easily! I think I was on that trail a couple of years ago—it is beautiful, all along the ocean, of course.

    Mary Ann

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