June 12, 2021 – Gorham Mountain – Maine

Yesterday Wilma and I hiked Gorham Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine. Gorham is a 1.6 mile mountain trail that features many boulders, and views of the sea. The trailhead can be found in a parking lot in Park Loop Road, not far from the Ocean Path. It is listed by Alltrails as being “moderate” in difficulty.

We had a boulder filled Adventure to Gorham Mountain. I have wanted to hike Gorham Mountain for some time, so today was the day. If you read my previous blog you are aware that my camera did not charge as expected so unfortunately I relied on my camera for this blog. We took a detour off our hike at Ocean Path to climb Gorham Mountain, arriving to find just one car in the parking lot. Thrilled to be early birds we headed up to the Mountain.

The trail to Gorham Mountain was highlighted by rocks of all shapes and sizes, even some adventurous tunnels through huge boulders. In some locations, including the beginning of the trail there was some water flowing through leaving puddles for some Wilma sipping (haha). As we hiked I notice the trail was not well marked, and once or twice we slightly detoured from the trail. On occasion views of the water would sneak through the trees, but I had difficulty capturing this on my cell phone. We have only climbed several mountains, and although it was a short trail I was impressed with myself that I did not find it challenging, and of course I knew Wilma would not find anything tiring (haha)! The strange thing is that I never found a peak with a view, and although I backtracked several time in what appeared to be the highest area, I was able to confirm that we were on the trail but never saw a formal top. And although I did read some reviews saying the top was nothing spectacular maybe I did actually see it. Wilma is quite skilled at maneuvering rocks and really seems to appreciate rocks yet there was one area of which I had to take some time to figure how to get her through. If your dog is not very agile, and skilled with rocks I definitely would not recommend this trail. So glad we could finally check Gorham Mountain off our list (Rating 3.5).

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