June 26, 2021 – Massachusetts Central Rail Trail/Northampton Bikeway – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to the Massachusetts Central Trail Trail in Florence, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Central Rail Trail is a partially completed rail trail that runs from Northampton to Boston. It was a little confusing researching this Trail but it appears that the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail has numerous other titles based on which area and/or town you are traversing. The Massachusetts Central Rail Trail currently consists of 51 “open” miles and is growing as trails are being added but the plan is complete it throughout the original 104 mile railroad line.

We had a family-filled Adventure on the Central Rail Trail, also appearing to be the Northampton Bikeway. We were thrilled to spend the day with family, including my aunt and uncle who were on this Adventure. The portion of the trail we walked along had artwork on the path and mostly weaved through the woods, adding well needed shade on this warm day. There were signs on the path that gave a estimated time in minutes to various locations. During this Adventure we also walked on the loop around Look Park (however I decided to blog about Look Park today). It was so wonderful to have the company of my aunt and uncle, two very special people in my life. We walked, talked and enjoyed our time. There were dog walkers, bikers, and walkers, many quite friendly as they passed us by. We located a map of the Rail Trails, which I look forward to studying for a future Adventure. So glad we could enjoy this new Trail with fabulous company (This blog will not be rated).

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