June 26, 2021 – Friendly’s – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma, My Aunt, and Uncle Adventured to Friendly’s in Florence, Massachusetts. Friendly’s was originated in 1935 and specializes in ice cream products and supermelts. It was founded in Massachusetts but can be found throughout the East Coast.

We had a delicious Adventure to Friendly’s. Along our walk we had several conversations about ice cream, adding to the anticipation. There was an outdoor window at this particular Friendly’s location. Wilma appeared eager for her treat, but also appreciated a quick nap while waiting. I ordered a root beer float and Wilma a Pup Cup. We were quite spoiled to be treated by my aunt and uncle. After ordering we took our ice cream back to their home to enjoy. The root beer float was quite refreshing and absolutely tasty! Wilma quickly devoured her Pup Cup, a generous serving topped with treats. Such the perfect way to end our walk on a warm day (This blog will not be rated).

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