July 26, 2021 – A swim in the pool?

Today I decided would be the perfect day to see if Gus would be a fan of the dog pool. Wilma, Gus, and I enjoyed a two hour local walk in the morning before heading home. Wilma decided to lounge in the air conditioning for some time afterwards while Gus and I headed outside. I put minimal water in the pool to see how Gus would respond and as I expected he had no interest in entering, however appreciated his new water bowl (haha). Wilma has never enjoyed the pool either and is not a swimmer. I always thought she would be inspired by Shadows passion for the water but that did not happen. We will have to try swimming again another time…the adventure continues!


6 thoughts on “July 26, 2021 – A swim in the pool?

  1. It makes me wonder how dogs would become inspired to start wading or swimming. It is because they have an inborn interest in the water (nature) or see other dogs or humans enjoying wading or swimming (nuture)? While he is young you might try taking him in to the water or encouraging him to follow you, but I really don’t know. You would think it would feel so good on a hot day.

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    1. That’s a good question and I wonder that often. I do think it’s a natural thing. It’s a hard balance encouraging as I do not want to scare him but encouraging too hard! On a rare occasion on a hot day I have seen Wilma stick her face in and play. I guess we will see what happens with Gus!


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