August 2, 2021 – Gus’ first trip to Rhode Island

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Rhode Island, for Gus’ first visit to the state. I decided to do my blog a little differently today, just summarizing it all in one blog, even the locations we have visited previously. Our adventures today included: Beavertail State Park, Fort Adams, a coastal walk in Jamestown, an unnamed beach, and Bay Walk. I had planned some other stops but Wilma seemed quite worn with the heat so we kept it to these locations.

We had a coastal adventure to Rhode Island. Our first stop was to Beavertail State Park. There we enjoyed rock jumping, lovely views, and a fresh ocean breeze. Wilma and Gus loved some play time, especially when I was running to attempt to take a timed photo. I was pleased to find Beavertail State Park quieter then our last visit, maybe due to it being a week day. From there we stopped at a coastal walk in Jamestown where we found the unnamed beach. I attempted to get the pups to swim, and Gus even waded in a bit. Even without my swimsuit on I dipped in some and it was quite refreshing. Our next stop was Fort Adams. I was disappointed that they were cleaning up from a festival which made it quite chaotic, but pleased to find we therefore could explore the inside of the Fort. We walked around the Fort on the Bay Walk and checked out various landmarks along the way. It was a gorgeous day, and the perfect one for a day trip. So glad Gus got to visit Rhode Island, and am sure he will be there many more times (This blog will not be rated).

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