August 3, 2021 – Stone Arch Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday Gus, his puppy friend Koda, and a friend of mine adventured to the Stone Arch Trail in Westford, Massachusetts. The Stone Arch Trail is a 2.2 loop trail that includes a brook and the Stone Arch Bridge. There are numerous trails that intersect this loop, which we also traversed on this walk, I believe including: Bluebird Hill and the Russell Bird Sanctuary.

We had a beautiful walk at the Stone Arch Trail. I was excited to finally get to this location, and to provide Gus some energetic puppy time. We parked at Cold Brook Road and off we went. The trail weaved through the forest and also had small paths through the fields and beautiful wildflowers. We passed several bodies of water, which both Koda and Gus enjoyed exploring, although Koda was much more adventurous then Gus. We compared puppy notes and the puppies loved trying to play as we attempted our walk. We attempted double posing the pups, quite an entertaining adventure (haha)! I was eager to see the Stone Arch Bridge and was quite impressed when we arrived, it was much larger and spectacular then I could have expected. I was disappointed to see the graffiti but it seems like that has become the norm at these types of locations. We took some time posing the pups at this magnificent bridge before continuing on our walk. I was very pleased with this trail, especially loving the diversity in scenery, with water, flowers, trees, and of course the stone arch bridge. So glad to explore the Stone Arch Trail with great company (Rating: 4.5).

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