August 3, 2021 – Stone Arch Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday Gus, his puppy friend Koda, and a friend of mine adventured to the Stone Arch Trail in Westford, Massachusetts. The Stone Arch Trail is a 2.2 loop trail that includes a brook and the Stone Arch Bridge. There are numerous trails that intersect this loop, which we also traversed on this walk, I believe including: Bluebird Hill and the Russell Bird Sanctuary.

We had a beautiful walk at the Stone Arch Trail. I was excited to finally get to this location, and to provide Gus some energetic puppy time. We parked at Cold Brook Road and off we went. The trail weaved through the forest and also had small paths through the fields and beautiful wildflowers. We passed several bodies of water, which both Koda and Gus enjoyed exploring, although Koda was much more adventurous then Gus. We compared puppy notes and the puppies loved trying to play as we attempted our walk. We attempted double posing the pups, quite an entertaining adventure (haha)! I was eager to see the Stone Arch Bridge and was quite impressed when we arrived, it was much larger and spectacular then I could have expected. I was disappointed to see the graffiti but it seems like that has become the norm at these types of locations. We took some time posing the pups at this magnificent bridge before continuing on our walk. I was very pleased with this trail, especially loving the diversity in scenery, with water, flowers, trees, and of course the stone arch bridge. So glad to explore the Stone Arch Trail with great company (Rating: 4.5).

December 27, 2020 – Gill-Montague Bridge/Turners Falls-Gill Bridge – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Gill-Montague Bridge, also referred to as the Turners Falls-Gill Bridge. This bridge is a steel truss bridge that crosses the Connecticut River. The Bridge was built in 1938 and later remodeled in 2013.

We had a soaring Adventure to the Gill-Montague Bridge. We have driven across, and walked under this Bridge before, but decided to take the pedestrian bridge across and check out the intricate details. I was originally drawn to this idea as I had seen some shooting water from afar and was eager to locate the site of origination. So after enjoying a long walk on the Canalside Rail Trail we decided to take the journey up and over. (See this link for our original blog from the Canalside Rail Trail.) We walked across the Bridge until we located the water from what appeared to be a damn or power plant. I guess I should know exactly what it was caused by, and although I do not I do know it was spectacular, churning high in the air, which created gorgeous and unusual textures. We stopped numerous times to check out the views, and then walked to the end before returning. Unfortunately one of the most beautiful parts of the bridge is the side view, however I found it difficult to photograph due to the fencing, or other barriers. However, hopefully this overall gives readers a feel for this special bridge. So glad to share this unusual Adventures to those who love the water, bridges, and bringing their favorite furry pals on their Adventures (this blog will not be rated).

August 4, 2018 – Honeymoon Bridge – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I journeyed to the Honeymoon Bridge in Jackson, New Hampshire.   The Honeymoon Bridge is a wooden bridge that was built in 1876, (while the sidewalk was added at a later date).  It spans the Ellis River.  The Honeymoon Bridge obtained its’ name from the tradition of lovers kissing under the bridge, in hopes of bringing on good luck.

Shadow, Buster, My Mom, and I had visited this Bridge previously, but unfortunately I was not able to locate the photographs from that trip (if I find them at a later date I will edit my blog with those additional photographs.).

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I had a very soggy adventure to the Honeymoon Bridge.  The rainy weather scared away most of the visitors which gave us the opportunity to explore without distractions.  We parked at the nearby gift shop, and walked over to the bridge.  Although I was glad to see the sidewalk on the Bridge, both Shadow and Wilma were a little thrown by the zooming of cars shaking the Bridge.  However, with some encouraging we all made it through.  After traversing the Bridge we posed on the opposite side, and attempted some additional photographs.  Shadow enjoyed some rolling around in the grass, and a quick nap, which always brings a smile to my face.  We enjoyed our visit to the Honeymoon Bridge, even on this dreary, rain filled day (Rating:  3).