August 6, 2021 – Newport, Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, My Mom and I Adventured to Newport, Vermont. Newport, Vermont is in Northern Vermont, and is located on Lake Mempremagog. Newport is has a downtown area with restaurants and shops and is popular for the outdoor recreation.

We had a flower filled adventure to Newport, Vermont. We had four amazing adventures today and Newport, Vermont was our farthest destination, and one of our two new locations. We arrived to find a simple town with waterfront views and endless, gorgeous flowers decorating the town. We found parking and decided to explore Pomerleau Park, a waterfront park. This was a small park with a lovely boardwalk along Lake Memphremagog, a miniature lighthouse, a fish sculpture, and endless beautiful flowers. We took our time wandering on this warm day and attempted to see every detail on the route.

After exploring Pomerleau Park we decided it was time for some ice cream! We had located Tim and Doug’s Ice Cream on our way in and just could not resist a refreshing treat on this summer day. I decided to take Gus over to order while Mom and Wilma cooled down in the car. Gus was quite the popular guy on this mini walk, and he has been doing so better socially, often being willing to greet people independently. I decided to order an orange cream drink, my Mom ordered a root beer float, and of course I ordered Wilma a dog ice cream. I felt bad not ordering Gus something but his stomach is still trying to figure out the world so thought it was best to wait on this delicacy. We headed back to the car and enjoyed our refreshing treats!

In addition to these main stops we walked around the town and drove around nearby to check out this town. We found beautiful mountain views at South Bay, and appendage of Lake Mempremagog. I think Newport is the farthest I have been up North, although one time as a teenager I did venture to Canada. So glad we could adventure to Newport, Vermont (This blog will not be rated).

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